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Tia Carroll - You Gotta Have It

Tia Carroll's Awesome Radio Show

Every Wednesday - 9AM to Noon, 89.5 FM San Francisco

Special thanks to "Can't Stop the Blues " - who supported singers - musicians - bands - through the pandemic- across the United States - and world - wide (check out the archives on FB and YouTube) - Thanks to friends - Kid Andersen - Lisa Leuschner - Rick Estrin - and the always amazing - " Greaseland All-Stars"

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" The voice is the most powerful of all instruments. Especially when that voice belongs to someone who sings with such a delight of heart and soul. TIA CARROLL has that voice" - Kevin Johnson

Tia Carroll has been performing steadily with her own band for decades in California and made some successful recordings before with bands in Italy and Brazil. Tia has headlined venues and festivals all over the world with her band as well as taking a role, front and center, with many well-established host bands. " You Gotta Have It " is Tia's first record to break into the U.S. market. Filled with strong, original blues; stirring soul covers; simmering ballads; a Gospel choir; and full horn section; " That Voice " is spell-binding, and " You Gotta Have It " was well worth the wait!

All - star cast includes : Jim Pugh on piano and organ ; Kid Andersen's guitar is always a treat ; the gospel vocals of The Sons of Soul Revivers are hypnotic ; Charles Hunter provides the funk on bass / guitar ; Brazilian great Igor Prado , lead guitar (10); Mike Rinta , trombone ; Rob Sudduth on tenor sax ; Aaron Lington , baritone sax ; Jeff Lewis , trumpet ; Gordon Beadle , sax ; Vicki Randle handles percussion and vocals ; Lisa Leuschner Andersen , vocals ; Celebrated drummer Derrick D' Mar Martin handles drums on Track 1 ; Produced by Kid Andersen and Jim Pugh at Kid Andersen's " Greaseland Studio " in California .

Tia is thrilled to be back touring again after the pandemic shutdown. Most definitely check out Tia Carroll's appearances on " Can't Stop the Blues "and her videos released during the world-wide shutdown. " The people who can go out to see the music are so appreciative - appreciative that they're back out again and able to hear bands and see live music. It's a mutual love right now”, says Tia.

" You Gotta Have It " features a sure-fire hit written by Kid Andersen and his wife , Lisa Leuschner , " Ready to Love Again" ; Rick Estrin contributed " Don't Put Your Hands On Me", a slice of horn-driven rhythm and blues that was written for Koko Taylor and decries domestic violence ; there is the vintage soul featured on the Staple Singers ' Why Am I Treated So Bad " that features the hypnotic vocals of The Sons of Soul Revivers ; and " Even When I'm Not Alone " is a raw and emotional tour-de-force featuring Tia's powerful vocals . " Ain't Nobody Worryin'“, a track by Anthony Hamilton, is getting wide-spread acclaim and attention - " This song was presented to me by Jim Pugh, the executive director of the Little Village label. He had a vision and knew that my voice would be able to convey this powerful message. With the addition of the Sons of the Soul Revivers on the vocals and Charlie Hunter on the guitar/bass, we just could not go wrong".

Tia is thrilled to be back on stages again in front of her appreciative fans - " All in all I am enjoying what comes my way and embracing this precious air ", Tia has said, " I am the worship leader at my church and that is a first as well so my musical range is being expanded like God expands one's territory. I am blessed and happy to spread some love and good vibes everywhere I go".

“I believe that singing is a gift given to me, not to hold onto, but to share with those who need it. For me, music is medicine. So, if I can touch, shake, or make someone feel something, that is what I am supposed to be doing. You Gotta Have It is getting plenty of exposure, so now people who haven’t heard of Tia Carroll before are finally hearing this music I have to share, and they are enjoying it. They are opening the door to their hearts and letting me in. I thank God for that! Never forget that it is never too late to do something that you love.”

Tia has been one of those under-the-radar performers who has been thrilling audiences in the Bay Area of San Francisco, and throughout the world, for decades. She has shared the stages with Ray Charles, E. C. Scott, Jimmy McCracklin, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Syl Johnson, B. B. King, Tommy Castro, Elvin Bishop, and Igor Prado, to name just a few. " You Gotta Have it " should bring Tia brighter attention to music fans around the globe. She deserves the recognition. Everyone should pay attention to a distinguished performer, celebrate the talent, and cheer the charismatic intensity of Tia's extraordinary vocals. Clearly, without question, " You Gotta Have it".

" You know the musicians here in the United States are kind of like water - unless you have this huge ocean "name " you know, people will just go to rivers and little lakes and you know, these people like to visit the lake and they like to visit the rivers. But they love the ocean".

Cast of Characters:

Kid Andersen - Guitar / Jim Pugh - Piano, Organ/Steve Hermann, Bass / Charlie Hunter - Guitar/ Bass / Paul Revell, Derrick D' Mar Martin - Drums / Vicki Randle - Percussion, Vocals / Igor Prado, Lead Guitar (10).


The Sons of The Soul Revivers - James Walter and Dwayne Morgan / Lisa Leuschner Andersen and Willy Jordan.

Horns: Mike Rinta, Trombone / Rob Sudduth - Tenor Sax / Aaron Lington - Baritone Sax / Jeff Lewis, Trumpet / Gordon beadle - Sax

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