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Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado - Navigation Blues

Thorbjorn Risager and The Black Tornado - NAVIGATION BLUES - 2022 Mascot Productions and Publishing - - PROVOGUE

All Songs Written By - Thorbjorn Risager - Except - Blue Lullaby , Whatever Price and Heart Crash - Written By - Joachim Svensmark and Thorbjorn Risager

Horn Arrangements - by KasperWagner and Peter W. Kehl

Vocal Arrangements by - Ole Kibsgaard , Thorbjorn Risager and Joachim Svensmark

String Arrangements - Joachim Svensmark

Produced by - Soren Bojgaard , Thorbjorn Risager and The Black Tornado

The band Includes :

* Thorbjorn Risager - vocals , acoustic guitar , electric guitar

* Emil Balsgaard - piano , organ , Wurlitzer , clavinet , farfisa

* Joachim Svensmark - electric guitar , acoustic guitar , synthesizer , piano , strings , drums , background vocals , glockenspiel , mandolin

* Kasper Wagner - also sax , tenor sax , flutes , clarinet

* Peter W. Kehl - trumpet , flugelhorn , trombone , percussion

* Soren Bojgard - bass , Moog bass , baritone guitar , synthesizer , piano , percussion

* Martin Seidelin - drums , percussion

* Hans Nybo - tenor sax , bass clarinet

Studio Musicians :

* Pia Trojgaard - background vocals

* Christina Boelskifte - background vocals

* Ole Kibsgaard - background vocals

Elwood Blues himself, Dan Aykroyd - Has hailed their “Hot rhythm and blues”, saying Risager has “got a great voice, great delivery and feels the blues. The songs are original, but sound like they come from a Stax recording session circa 1965.”

Mash up Chuck Berry , Dire Straits , Billy Gibbons , the Rolling Stones , Van Morrison and even Ray Charles - and this is just the incredible vocal prowess and expert musicianship of - Thorbjorn Risager!

Having just left their long-standing label , RUF , Thorbjorn Risager and The Black Tornadoes have released their eighth full length " Navigation Blues" on the " Provogue " label . one of my favorite bands for decades now - hard for me to believe - their live shows are unforgettable , and their music is amazing - this 8-piece Danish band easily blends Chicago blues , soul , rock and roll , jazz , boogie woogie with a contemporary flair . Every release is different, distinctive , unique , with fun waiting to be had at every corner .

Growing up in the small town of Jyllinge, about 30km from Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen. Risager would sit in the fishing village’s harbour, looking out where the sunset met the distant hamlet horizon. Staring out into the expanse of clouds and the undisturbed landscape opposite as the breeze ambles past, blowing on the fjord, which hides Viking stories of times past, watching the sun go down – he would sit, think, reflect and wonder about the world beyond. Over the past 20 years - hard for me to believe that I have been a die hard fan for that long - they have captured audiences and engulfed stages across Scandinavia , Europe , Canada , the United States and Asia . Thorbjorn Risager and The Black Tornadoes have packed some of Europe's largest festivals , brought fans cheering and screaming to their feet with wild exuberance , torn up crowded dance floors worldwide , and even drew fans to noir-ish jazz clubs around the globe . Formed in Copenhagen this band never seems to stop ,formidable road warriors spending 9-10 months a year touring - " Every concert is a unique experience . You just look at the audience's smiles and reactions , and you know that what you're doing makes sense " . "We built it up from the ground the old-fashioned way,” he reflects. “If you wanna make a living out of playing the blues, it’s not enough to play only in one country, so we’re thrilled to be able to play all over.” At twenty years in, the band are in white-hot form: “Playing live in front of an audience makes you feel alive. That’s the best way to describe it, I think. It’s good to feel alive,” Thorbjorn Risager smiles. From the front-porch blues of " The Way You Make Me Feel " to the rock n' roll of " Hoodoo Lover " , heading into the jump blues boogie of " Taking The Good With the Bad " , feeling the heat with the hell-raising " Fire Inside ", and the hold me tight rhythms of " "Heart Crash , the slow-burning blues of "Blue Lullaby " ; " Headed For The Stars " is a nice slice of funky Southern rock ; - " Navigation Blues " - is nothing short of remarkable and one heck of a good time . Been waiting 20 years to see this band live - and they are at the top of my " must see " bucket list of performers for sure . Most definitely check out their amazing videos , brilliant musical art pieces that capture the band's sense of fun and clever musicianship . After 20 years of distinguished service at bars , clubs , juke joints , jazz clubs , and now at large concert halls and even arenas - Thorbjorn Risager and The Black Tornado seem to be just getting started . Highly recommended for anyone who treasures imaginative music , truly great music , captured by musicians who excel at their craft . Definitely an inspiration to the next generation of musicians and their fans . Pick this one up right away!!!

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