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Mr. Sipp - Sippnotized

Recorded at Malaco Studios, Jackson, Mississippi, and Studio 31, McComb, Mississippi Executive Producers - Terry Couch Jr. and Castro Coleman

Produced by Castro Coleman

Featuring: Organ B-3 - Samuel Brady and Castro Coleman / Piano - Samuel Brady-Castro Coleman / Auxiliary and Percussion -Castro Coleman / Bass Guitar - Jeffrey Flanagan and Castro Coleman / Lead Guitar - Castro Coleman / Guitar Solos - Castro Coleman / Drums - Castro Coleman

For close to 25 years, thanks to the wonderful ingenuity and passion of Michael Cloeren, founder and producer of the Pocono Blues Festival (at the many rotating locations) enthusiastic throngs of blues fans were treated to many singers and musicians that were unavailable to mainstream audiences. Many of these incredible performers could only be seen on the so-called " Chitlin' Circuit " or found languishing in small clubs or performing on obscure circuit tours. Many of these entertainers were forgotten and ignored. Flashing forward to the unprecedented pandemic we have another platform providing a showcase for artists otherwise finding limited audiences - "Can't Stop the Blues" gave music fans a broader and world-wide view of many bands, singers, and musicians worthy of greater attention - " Mr. Sipp " is one of those artists finding a home - and a huge audience - on this innovative music platform.

"Mr. Sipp " is the alter-ego of "Castro Coleman “. Castro is the leader of the award-winning gospel quarter the " True Believers”. Castro Coleman spent more than 25 years in the Gospel music business as a recording artist and producer. With over 125 recording credits to his name Mr. Sipp has played on over 50 national recordings with several Grammy nominated projects to his credit. He made his Malaco Records debut in 2015.

Mr. Sipp - " The Mississippi Blues Child " - has continued to rack up awards year after year. In 2014 he won the International Blues Challenge by way of the Vicksburg Blues Society as well as the 2014 Gibson Best Guitarist Award Winner. In 2014 he was named the Bobby Rush Entertainer of the Year Award by the Jus' Blues Foundation. Mr. Sipp has continued to impress with several BMA Awards, Jackson Music Awards, as well as the National Blues Artist of the Year 2022 at the 48th annual Jackson Music Awards. " The True Believers " were also named the 2022 Group of the Year at the 2022 Annual Mississippi Gospel Music Awards.

Mr. Sipp has become a much in demand performer around the world, known for his explosive live performances. His stage show has left fans emotionally and physically exhausted from the sheer energy levels and intensity crescending from the stage. If you aren't having fun at a Mr. Sipp performance you might want a complete mental and physical work-up at your nearest health facility!

"Sippnotized " is really extraordinary. Arguments can certainly be made as to whether or not this is really " the Blues “. Like so many of these " Next Gen " performers Mr. Sipp is not afraid to take chances and break down the doors to barriers that have existed for decades. Heavy doses of funky - ass soul; ear-catching guitar solos; deep grooves that have you ass thumpin' and butt humpin’; electronic handclaps and engaging synthesizers; jazzy guitar work that will certainly surprise you; deeply soulful and heartfelt vocals; and a track dedicated to his fans. " The One “, those loyal followers that Mr. Sipp has come to think about more as a family. Of course, Mr. Sipp has to showcase his blues roots. " Dirty Mississippi Blues " is a show-stopper, a low-down blues number that tears into your soul. I can't wait to see him perform these amazing tracks live sometime soon. "The Mississippi Step " is a pure vintage dance track, great fun, that is party-ready for every dance floor.

" Sippnotized " is a truly impressive album with many tracks that will surprise you. While some of the music might seem, a bit dated to the average listener the man has a sound totally his own - take a chance and enjoy these sessions. Mr. Sipp stays true to his gospel and blues roots but brings the blues kicking and yelling into the 21st century. Mr. Sipp is not only a creatively skillful guitarist but he has the uncanny ability to take any kind of music and make it his own. Get " Sippnotized " right away and be spell-bound by a remarkable talent.

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