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Brad "Guitar" Wilson - Cali Bee Music

The Players: Brad Wilson - guitar, vocals; Brian Beal, bass; Adam Gust, drums; Frankie Vriens, keyboards; Jeff Covell, bass; Rod Wilson, drums; Peter Wolf, drums; Oscar Huguet, bass; Jack Van Aert, bass; Willem Van Kempen, drums

Brad "Guitar" Wilson has been charting on the Roots Music Chart in the top 20 albums with his new record called Brad “Guitar" Wilson. The first single, " The Ballad of John Lee " has already charted in the top 20.

During 2020 and 2021, Brad built a streaming show called `` The Californian”. The 30-minute show became a hit and introduced Wilson to a new audience world-wide.

He scored his first U.S. #1 movie track with the song " Teaser " from John Carpenter's film, " Vampires “, a collaboration with producers, The Robb Brothers. For the next smash soundtrack, Brad subsequently joined forces with John Carpenter and some of Los Angeles hottest musicians for the music to the movie, " Ghost of Mars”, starring Ice Cube.

Brad has five best-selling albums: "Brad " Guitar " Wilson; " I'm Feeling Blue " ; " Blues Thunder " ; " Power Blues Guitar Live " ; and " Hands on The Wheel " that includes " I Can Never Love Again ' , " Something Goin' On ' , " Step By Step " , " Change It Up " , and 'The Ballad Of John Lee " .

Contemporary guitar-slinger that easily bridges the canyon between blues traditions and more modern twists and turns. Brad is a great guitar player - saying this is much like telling someone that Van Gogh had an ' ear ' for art or that Shakespeare wasn't puny. Brad packs a one-two punch that is powerful enough to push the blues into many exciting new directions.

Kicking things off with a tribute to blues legend John Lee Hooker, “Ballad of John Lee Hooker'‘, those trademark riffs added to Brads own unique flourishes; Brad also hails his other influences - Muddy Waters, " Walkin' Thru The Park “; B. B. King's " Rock Me Baby “; a nod to Stevie Ray Vaughn with a house-rockin’, " House Is Rockin' “; Freddie King's soul-stirring " Someday After Awhile". Willie Dixon gets a blistering, live, 8-minute plus " I Can't Quit You Baby " which features a Brad Wilson solo that pierces the stratosphere. " Tales of Brave Ulysses", originally performed by Cream, is one of my favorite tracks, a stand-out, a solid tribute that reinvents the song itself with a wonderfully fresh approach to the weathered classic. There are 12 impressive tracks here, a perfect mix of traditional blues covers and Brad's exciting original compositions. He really is a creative powerhouse.

Known internationally for his spirited live performances, Brad is always in demand, at sold-out arena shows, large festivals, and even casino shows. He has toured numerous times with the legendary band Chicago while opening for Buddy Guy, Cheap Trick, Tommy Castro, Marshall Tucker Band, and .38 Special.

Brad has continued to release music that expands the boundaries of blues music, giving it a contemporary spin that pays tribute to the heart and soul of the genre while creating a unique identity that has endeared Brad to fans around the world. His versatility and exemplary musicianship are on display here. Brad " Guitar " Wilson showcases a captivating songwriter that shows no signs of slowing down. For lovers of great guitar work, that will certainly entertain, move you, and grab your attention with every note, this is a religious experience!


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