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Anthony Geraci - Blues Called My Name

Cover Painting by - Alexander Varvaridze

Publicity and Promotion - Blind Raccoon -

Featuring: Guitarist - Charlie O' Neal / Drummer Jeff Armstrong / Paul Loranger and Chris Rathbun - Acoustic Bass / Erica Van Pelt and Sugar Ray Norcia, Vocals/ Walter Trout, Guitar / Anne Harris, Violin

Special Thanks - Jay N. Miller - " The Patriot Ledger " -

Anthony Geraci - what can you say about an award-winning musician who has been tearing up those 88's for some 40 years now? Nominated for a Grammy - nominated 15 times for Blues Music Awards - THIS is his 5th solo album - Winner of the Pinetop Perkins Keyboardist of the Year Blues Music Award - Nominated as outstanding keyboard player this year by Living Blues Music Magazine - Original member of Sugar Ray and the Bluetones and Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters.

"Blues Called My Name " - "Every song has a memory; Every song has the ability to make or break your heart, shut down the heart, and open the eyes" - Andy Warhol / Anthony Geraci - " The Blues calls all our names at different times. often without warning, but we know when it happens. Let us dance, paint, crack jokes, make music, make love......make peace".

Impressive shades, striking textures, hypnotic music that blends so many styles into a completely original mix - “Blues Called My Name " is Anthony Geraci's showcase from start to finish - with a few friends helping out along the way. The music is front and center here. Every guest contributes something that is important to the mix but doesn't overwhelm the listener. Like a well-worn puzzle every piece is important to the whole : Chris Rathburn on acoustic bass stands out on the Latin-tinged organ instrumental " About Last Night" ; Walter Trout steps in and wails " Into The Night " ; Monster Mike Welsh brings his distinctive guitar work into "The Blues Called My Name " ; " I Go OOH" features Anthony on vocals , the only track on the release featuring his impressive vocals , and John Vanderpools very cool sax work ; " Wading in The Vermillion" features Anne Harris on violin , a hauntingly melodic track that brings the swampy bayou right to your doorstep ; and " Song For Planet Earth" features Anthony Geraci solo , alone , on piano , a beautifully moving track that is a standout among so many standouts here . Sugar Ray Norcia brings his well - traveled vocals to many of the tracks as well. Bring your dancin' shoes for '"Boston Stomp “. a rip roarin' boogie woogie bouncer; " Corner of Heartache and Pain " will blow your mind with Erika Van Pelts incredible vocals; and " I Ain't Gonna Ask " shines a well-deserved spotlight on Barret Andersons impressive slide guitar work; and where else would you be listening to a rockin' track like “That Old Pine Box “, yes, a song about a coffin.

“I had done my previous two records with Jesse Finkelstein’s label, Shining Stone,” said Geraci. “Jesse is a blues radio guy and he’s a one-man show who helps a lot of people. He did an incredible amount for me, in breaking my records to international blues radio, and donated to Todd’s recovery (Geraci’s son Todd was hit by a truck in Vermont and lost part of his leg), so he is a genuine good guy. But with Jesse’s blessing, I was thrilled to have Blue Heart Records pick up this new record. They are also associated with Blind Raccoon Publicity and I’ve never had this much interest in a record – and it’s not even out yet. It’s my first time with a record label with a real publicity push."

“My last four records have done really well and we usually did them with the band all in one room,” Geraci noted. “But since we did this one during COVID, we had to change it up. I just got together with a rhythm section and we recorded it at the main hall at South Shore Conservatory in Duxbury. Everybody was flailing around, with no gigs, at the time. We set it up so that we were not around each other, but with Jeff Largent as engineer it all came together really well. We had a makeshift place for the drums, moving blankets around and so on, and had the acoustic bass over in a corner, separating the three of us as best we could.”

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