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Zac Harmon - Long As I Got My Guitar

Long As I Got My Guitar was recorded at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas. Catfood Records owner Bob Trenchard co-wrote seven of the ten songs here. Sandy Carroll wrote one of the songs, and co-wrote another with husband Jim Gaines. Corey Lacey co-wrote "Love for You Baby," sings back-up vocals, and plays keyboards. Zac Harmon takes lead guitar and vocals with the studio band "The Rays," who back Zac on 9 of the 10 numbers here. They are led by studio owner Bob Trenchard who plays bass with Richy Puga on drums, Johnny McGhee on guitar, and Dan Ferguson, keyboards.

On "Love For You Baby," Harmon is joined by his touring band who are Corey Lacy, keyboards, Chris Gipson, bass, and Jamil Byron, drums. Guest musicians include SueAnn Carwell, background vocals, and Munyungo Jackson, percussion.

The entire release stirs up memories of that classic Staxsound, those carefree days of AM radio when those great funk-soul-rhythm and blues classics were blasting out of radios everywhere, and we were dancing our asses off in our neighborhoods.

Zac is one of those old souls, a masterful throwback to the giants of music from the 60's and 70's. His distinctive style combines the best of old-school soul-blues artists with modern lyrics and themes, bringing the blues into a new century, with generations of new fans enjoying the music world-wide.

This is the perfect music for those late nights at home, you know, some candlelight, a few more logs on the fire, alone, kids are asleep, and the wine is flowing as Harmon begins to get his groove on.

Harmon's voice is a majestic instrument all by itself, those smooth as silk vocals that just drip with emotion. The entire band is exceptional, plenty of Chicago, soul-blues, West Coast, and Southern Grooves to go around for everyone to be showcased - check out the Cajun accordion, performed by Dan Ferguson, which took me by surprise, on "Crying Shame" - Zac's guitar work has never been better, not exactly a guitar slinger but a master craftsman who knows exactly what is required, and gets the job done without wasting a note. The album perfectly captures the mystique, and the magic, that is Zac Harmon. A project of enormous passion and raw emotion by everyone involved, Long As I Got My Guitar is essential listening!

Harmon received the Soul Blues Album of the Year award for Long As I Got My Guitar

at the 43rd Annual Blues Music Awards held in Memphis, TN, 2022.

Label: Catfood Records

Produced by: Jim Gaines

Released: 2022

Artist Website:

Reviewed by John Muller.

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