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Teresa James - With A Little Help From Her Friends

Produced by Terry Wilson and Kevin McKendree -

Terry Wilson - bass , guitars and background vocals / Kevin McKendree - keyboards and guitars / Richard Millsap , drums / Yates McKendree on lead guitar - " Oh Darlin' " / Lucy Wilson - background vocals on " Happy Just to Dance With You " and Nicki Bluhm - " Ticket to Ride " . Teresa James is a true original. When she sings you can feel it in your bones." … Levon Helm, "The Band "Jump on this band-wagon while there is room…" … Blues 411 "Teresa James has a voice that comes from deep down in the soul, as real and authentic as it gets When she sings, you know she means it." … Graham Clarke for Blues Bytes "I haven't heard pipes of this caliber in a long time… this is an amazing body of work…this lady has star written all over her." … James "the Blueshound" Nagel producer/programmer KPFT Houston

"While working together on various projects, Terry mentioned these Beatles tunes and asked if Betsie and I wanted to hear them," says Blue Heart Records partner, Sallie Bengtson. "It was pretty much a collective jaw drop moment! Previously, we were focused on planning Rose-Colored Glasses, Vol. 2, but we knew right away that this needed to be heard."

"This was so much fun and such a labor of love," says James. "I have been a Beatles fan since I was a little girl and having known all these songs inside and out for so many years, it was a real challenge to try and capture a bluesier, more Southern vibe but still retain the original spirit of the songs. And because we were doing it basically just for fun, I felt like I could stretch out just a little bit more and be a little looser with it."

" With A Little Help From My Friends " was originally a pandemic project to occupy creative minds while touring stopped and live music ground to a halt . The tracks might never have seen the light of day if Terry Wilson , Teresa's partner , hadn't shared the tracks with Blue Heart Records.The tracks were so amazing , "jaw-dropping " to be exact , that a release had to be arranged as quickly as possible .

Teresa has been described as singing like a cross between Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt and playing piano " like Dr. John's little sister" . Her creatively infectious blend of Texas , Memphis , and Muscle Shoals sounds have endeared Teresa , and her band , the " Rhythm Tramps " , to fans across the United States and world-wide.

Two new " Tramps " have been asked to join them on this journey - acclaimed producer and keyboardist Kevin McKendree and drummer Richard Millsap , along with backing vocalists Lucy Wilson and Nicki Bluhm - and a special appearance from rising star , son of Kevin McKendree , Yates McKendree.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of Beatles covers spanning every genre imaginable: R and B , country , experimental rock , post-punk , funk , jump blues , swing , you name it . From the Buddy Rich Big Band to Ella Fitzgerald and David Bowie , Wilson Pickett ( with Duane Allman ) and The B-52's , the Four Tops and Joe Cocker , even Bill Shatner has taken on the Beatles catalogue with varying degrees of success and quizzical consternation. Teresa James and the " Rhythm Tramps " have certainly landed on the top of the list with this extraordinary release . They move easily through Texas style grease and blues into Memphis soul , sliding into New Orleans flavored grooves and all points in between with fun and abandonment , taking us , and " the Beatles " , on a magical mystery tour into the heart of America with plenty of surprises along the way.

Tracks include :

* " Taxman " -

* " Ticket to Ride "

* " Don't Let me Down "

* " Happy Just to Dance With You "

* " Oh Darlin "

* " You've Got to Hide Your Love Away "

* " Everybodys Got Something to Hide Except me and My Monkey "

* " You Won't See me "

* " No Reply "

* " Think for Yourself "

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