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Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps - Rose-Colored Glasses, Vol. 2

Theresa James & The Rhythm Tramps Rose-Colored Glasses Vol. 2

Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps have been recording for 25 years. They have recorded 13 albums. The band has had many members and has played with many various blues artists. In their 13th release, Rose-Colored Glasses, Vol. 2, James and her band create a soulful blues horn-laden album of exceptional R&B tracks.

An album of love songs, In a non-song book style with the exception of The Idea Of You. Which harkens back to the crooner style of music in the 40s and 50s. The album opens up with I'd Do It For You, Better Angels, and Lean On Love 3 of the bluesier tunes. After the aforementioned Idea Of You, the album kicks into the soul groove with the sultry That's What I'm Talking About. Followed by a '60s soul groove style romp called I Don't Need Another Reason To Fall In Love. Flip Flop, a reggae bluesy kind of Groove sets in next followed by The Heart Wants What It Wants, a tender song of yearning. A swampy groove sets in for Ain't Nothing For Certain. Another sultry cut Just Don't Think About It is followed by the bluesy Brand New Flame. The album's closer, Second Chances proves to be the perfect ending to this album of soulful love songs

Teresa James and The Rhythm Tramps have brilliantly created an album that transforms the listener back to a time of hope-filled, heart-pumping, finger-poppin’ young love. Something that we should hold onto all our lives.

Written by: Joe Foti

Label: Blue Heart Records

Released: 9/15/2023

Artist Website:

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