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Misty Blues - One Louder

Sometimes music arrives on your doorstep that is so damn good that you wonder why a particular band isn't gaining more notoriety, winning many more well-deserved awards. One Louder is a truly deserving of thunderous applause!!

While performing in a Williamstown Theatre Festival production of ”A Raisin In The Sun,” Gina’s performance caught the attention of both Mandy Patinkin and Gwyneth Paltrow. They encouraged Gina to move into a blues direction. Lead actor Ruben Santiago Hudson gave Gina Coleman Men Are Like Street Cars, a CD collection of 22 songs by female blues artists from 1928 to 1969. Inspired by the music, Gina and her bandmates from the acoustic funk band Cole Connection decided to become a blues band. Now some 23 years later their 11th album One Louder has gathered well over a million streams!

It is a testament to this dynamic outfit that Misty Blues just can't be pigeon-holed into one particular genre of music. Their refreshingly original mash-up of funk, cajun, blues, jazz, and testifyin' gospel is remarkable. Every musician, every guest artist, brings a wealth of incredible experiences into the mix. Their undeniable talents are given ample room to add their own artistic layers, moods, and colors to every track. Gina is confident enough to let her bandmates show off their considerable talents.

Let's not leave out Gina Coleman's exceptional vocal prowess. Visualize Big Mama Thornton, Sarah Vaughn, Alexis P. Suter, Janis Joplin, Ruth Brown, Ma Rainey, Bonnie Raitt, and Koko Taylor blended together - and you have the intoxicating vocal style of Gina Coleman.

Ten of the 11 tracks on One Louder are either written or co-written by Gina. Her co-writers include son Diego Mongue, Ed Moran, Seth Fleischman and Ben Kohn.

Highlights on the album include: ”Leave My Home,” a funked up rocker; ”This Life We Live,” a hip-shakin', butt thumpin ' slice of boogie woogie that swings hard with vocals that will blow your mind; ”Take A Long Ride," featuring a screaming Joe Louis Walker guitar solo alongside the blazing sax work of Aaron Dean, sizzling guitar work from Seth Fleischman, and the impassioned electric piano of Benny Kohn; ”Freight Car,” featuring guest guitarist Justin Johnson's wailing slide work alongside Aaron Deans hard-driving sax work; ”How The Blues Feels,” with Gina and Big Llou Johnson on vocals, getting down and dirty, and as incredible as they are together, even more exciting is the sax work here by Aaron Dean and guitar by Seth Fleischman; and ”Seal Of Fate,” a mighty tasty helping of the Crescent City, exotically flavored with the Professor Longhair style piano of Ben Kohn.

Misty Blues One Louder deserves your attention. This band makes sparks fly at every turn. Their remarkable diversity is what makes them such an extraordinary and uniquely original band. Contemporary blues is all about diversity, discovering, reinventing, daring to bend the rules and tear down the borders that have confined this musical genre for so long. Every track on One Louder is exceptional with something for everyone to enjoy.

Excellent musicians, one charismatic and powerful singer with a limitless range of passion and emotions, well-crafted songs that cover the entire musical landscape with remarkable ease, and you have the ingredients for a really good time. Truly outstanding release that needs to be in everyone's collection!

Reviewed by John Muller.

Label: Lunaria Records

Band: Gina Coleman — Lead Vocals, Cigarbox Guitar & guitar, Benny Kohn — Keys & Vocals, Aaron Dean — alto Sax, tenor sax & vocals, Seth Fleischmann — Guitar, Bill Patriquin — BASS, Trumpet & vocals, Rob Tatten — Drums & vocals, Diego Mongue — Bass Guest Musicians: Justin Johnson - Guitar; Big Llou Johnson, vocals; Joe Louis Walker, Guitar; Yahuba Garcia, Percussion; Bob Stannard, Harp; David Vittone, Accordion; Chris Rand, Baritone Sax; Wendy Lipp, Vocals; Rebecca Mattison, Vocals; Kathy Ryan, Vocals.

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