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Matt O'Ree Band - Hand In Glove

Special Thanks to Eryn and to Matt for their " Couch Sessions " during the pandemic. I was a HUGE fan, watched religiously, shared repeatedly, and had a great time watching the show, chatting with friends and fans from around the world. You kept us all in great company through the darkest of days. Thanks so much!! It was so much fun.

Background Notes:

Matt and Eryn are both veterans of the Jersey Shore music scene who each had great solo careers before teaming up on stage. Matt is a veteran on the blues-rock scene. Gaining national exposure in 2006, he won the Guitar Center King of the Blues Award, at Guitarmageddon, hosted by BB King and John Mayer. O'Ree joined Bon Jovi as a guitarist on the 2015 Bon Jovi Live! Southeast Asian tour. Then in 2016, O'Ree was inducted into the NY/NJ Blues Hall of Fame along with his wife, Eryn.

Eryn has won awards such as the BELK Southern Musician Showcase/Blues Artist as well as Asbury Park's Top Female Vocalist and Top Blues Band. She is also the youngest artist to be inducted into the NJ/NY Blues Hall of Fame and one of only three females who have been inducted. She has performed with or opened for artists such as Don McLean, Gregg Allman, Johnny Winter, Robert Cray, Dr. John, Shemekia Copeland, The Gin Blossoms, Little River Band, Marcia Ball, Walter Wolfman Washington, Eric Lindell, Sonny Landreth, The Radiators, Johnny A and so many more. She also sang backup vocals with the Smashing Pumpkins on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

" Hand In Glove " - 2022 - Their first studio album in 7 years (!), recorded live in the studio - with everyone in the same room together, live takes, and the sincerity coming through with every note and every vocal. Everyone is clearly having a good time here! Matt and Eryn are joined by singer Layonee Holmes, keyboardist Matt Wade, drummer John Hummel and bass guitarist Lex Lehman. This is the first project that was co-written and produced by Matt O' Ree and Eryn together with Eryn singing vocals on half of the album's songs. Matt - " We wanted to write something that came completely from our hearts as artists and we're very proud of the work we put into this album. We are very happy that you hear it ".

" Hand In Glove " represents a new approach to the way that the band has written and recorded albums in the past, a full collaboration which shows the influence of each of the band members. The band is extremely excited for fans to hear the new songs, which they describe as " true blue rock and roll".

" The first song off our " Hand in Glove " album marks the beginning of a new journey for the band “, says Matt - “Whole Lotta' Nothin' " is about the rock n' roll love story between Eryn and me. We took a different approach with the writing process for this album, and feel that this is the beginning of our story ".

" Better As I Go " - " This is a song that I think everyone can relate to at some point in their life," says Eryn. "It's about accepting yourself and all your flaws as we get older. We may have more wrinkles, or we may not be as thin as we used to be but all of this shape our lives and make us who we are today. Because we don't get old, we get better “.

Matt has always been an extraordinary guitarist, blazing a fiery trail across New Jersey and throughout the East Coast. His scorching guitar licks have been influenced by the work of Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Bad Company, Duane Allman, Albert King, Howlin' Wolf and Stevie Ray Vaughn. The driving rhythms, the incendiary solos, all the fretwork intensity, it's all on display here. He throws out the rule book, raises hell, and tears it up, his gritty vocals a wondrous companion to his fiery fret work. " Matt's a soft-spoken guy “, says Jon Leidersdorrr, " but when he grabs his guitar, you pay attention".

Eryn’s vocals are nothing short of extraordinary. She can easily match the intensity and precision of Robert Plant; the ballsy swagger of Janis Joplin; the no-nonsense attitude of Aretha Franklin; and the sirenic beauty of Stevie Nicks. She is a gifted singer and a talented songwriter. Check her out on tracks like “Better as I Go”, " So Lonely “," Wake Up and Live “, and " He Loves me Anyway ".

" Hand In Glove " is nothing short of masterful. This project is the one that should give the Matt O'Ree Band national attention and world-wide acclaim. There is Leanne Holmes soulful back-up vocals, John Hummel's blistering drum work, Matt Wade's high-spirited work on keys, and Lex Lehman's zesty bass work. Here is a showcase for outstanding vocalists, musicians, and performers. I have played this CD over and over and over again - while hanging out on my deck, while driving on family road trips. I was blown away by the music, the vocals, and the extraordinary variety of craftsmanship on display here. " Hand In Glove " is essential listening for rock fans, blues-rock-fans, guitar addicts and music fans everywhere. One incredible album!

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