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Laurie Morvan – Gravity

After college and a career in aerospace, Laurie began to spend more an more of her free time playing the guitar, often practicing 8 to 9 hours a day. From there she moved on to spending nights playing in rock’ n’ roll cover bands and ultimately quit her day job to focus exclusively on music. Her passion for the blues began through listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan and his influence shows in her work.

Her album Gravity was an immediate hit with fans and critics and wa nominated for Best Blues Album of 2018 in the prestigious DownBeat Readers Poll. Morvans guitar work is solid and never overdone. She has a well-worn and gritty vocal style that sits comfortably alongside her top-notch bandmates. She has a great range and her vocals have a deep emotional depth that sets her apart from so many others out there. On Gravity she wrote all the songs and is featured on guitar and vocals.

However the initial success of the album was stalled by the pandemic.

Take the opportunity to listen to Gravity and all of the talented musicians and singers featured on this kinetic, impressive, joyfully energetic release. Check out the beautiful harmonies of Laurie and backup singer Lisa Morvan.

The entire band is energized to be sharing this exciting new music with fans everywhere. Plenty of awesome creativity showcased here, one incredible album. This is a first-rate collection of blues and soul that will have your heart thumpin' and your ass bumpin'! What a powerhouse!

NOTE: Laurie and her incredible band are scheduled to appear in New Jersey sometime in Spring/Summer 2023 - Everyone is URGED to see this unbelievable outfit... Live... DON'T WAIT...RUN!!!

Reviewed by John Muller.

Label: Screaming Lizard Records

Produced by: Grammy winning drummer Tony Braunagel

Released: 2018

Artist Website:

Musicians: Laurie Morvan - Guitar and Lead Vocals / Bob Glaub - Bass / Tony Braunagel - Drums and Percussion / Mike Finnigan - B3 Organ / Jim Pugh - B3 Organ, Wurlitzer, Piano / Barry Goldberg - Piano / Lisa Morvan - Background Vocals / Maxayn Lewis - Background Vocals / Kudisan Kai - Background Vocals / Leslie Smith - Background Vocals / Ricky nelson - Background Vocals

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