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Katie Knipp - LIVE At the Green Room Social Club

" Playing with this set of musicians, Katie sounds like she's wearing her favorite jacket. Cool, comfortable, and confident. Everything is moving in the right direction" - Lenny Bradford, bassist for Joe Louis Walker.

" The blues idiom has survived for so long because of artists continually reinventing it so that it seems vital and contemporary. Katie Knipp has used her impressive talents to put her own stamp on this - from-the-heart musical form and she continues to evolve. . It is exciting to witness such talent in progress. More importantly, her songs are also a great deal of fun". - Mick Martin, host of Cap Radio's Blues Party.

Katie Knipp - 2-time winner for Best Blues Artist in Sacramento, and female artist of the year in 2021 and 2020 by the Country Folk Americana Blues Realm - Three - 3 - Top 10 Billboard charting Blues Albums - Has gained nationwide recognition over 10 years - numerous features, interviews, reviews from media outlets worldwide discovering Katie's new voice within soul and blues in the 21st century.

" LIVE At the Green Room Social Club " celebrates not only the return to the stage for Katie after the unprecedented pandemic shutdown of music venues and spaces worldwide but a tour-de-force, attention-grabbing live sampler of Katie's remarkable career spanning 2005 to the present. Katie can sing - but much like Janis and Aretha, to name a few - there is an emotional impact that becomes a shared experience. Not only do you hear Katie's distinctively unique voice but the listener, the audience " FEELS “it - a totally interactive thing that sets Katie apart from so many others out there. Janis Joplin once told a journalist, " When I sing, I feel, oh, like when you're first in love. Like when you're first touching somebody. Chills, things slipping all over me. It was so sensual, so vibrant, loud, crazy! " - Much like the music of Katie Knipp and the comfort and the energy that is sent out across stage and recordings.

The band here is just incredible. The musicians easily blend with Katie, ready to bounce at a second's notice into blues, jazz, rock or smooth jazz. Neil Campisano is one of the top session drummers around. Zack Proteau is an Emmy-nominated bass player. Otis Mourning is a celebrated jazz player who began playing at the age of 9. His work here on woodwinds, and percussion is just amazing. Chris Martinez, guitar, is a member of the Sacramento Blues Society Hall of Fame with a celebrated track record as bandleader and supporting guitarist for blues musicians nation-wide. Katie, herself, is a multi-instrumentalist - keys, dobro, harmonica, a gifted musician making music on her own terms.

Recorded "Live " at The Green Room Social Club in Placerville California, November, 2021, the band is pumped and fired-up. "Bluebird Street " is one of my favorite tracks, almost 8 minutes of Katie's blissful, soulful vocals and Otis Mourning’s haunting sax work, an unbelievable music experience. " Another Round” celebrates Katie's meeting with one of her heroes, Alan Toussaint, a piano-fueled romp that has the joyous intensity of a Decatur Street block party. Then there is “Chamomile and Cocaine “, taken from Katie's latest EP, " The Well “, an irresistible strut, which has become a fan favorite - " I wear my hair like lingerie / My voice is thick like creme brulee..." - The fact that we all have many sides to us, and you can hear the band and I having a blast on the recording, so it's hard not to join in on the fun with us". "You make It So Hard to Sing the Blues " is from 2018's Top 10 Billboard-charting "Take It with You “.

Katie Knipp has described her music as " Blues Americana with a touch of Mardis Gras “. She is a dynamic singer, instinctive bandleader, and totally original. Hailed for her on-stage performances Katie continues to thrill audiences around the world. Every recording is a chart-topper. Katie has a natural talent that erupts from within. "LIVE At The Green Room Social Club " is a must-have ticket. This exciting recording will just have to get me through until I have the good fortune of seeing Katie and her bandmates in person sometime soon. Music this good should keep you aroused for some time to come!

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