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Jonny T and the MPs - Play Time

Featured Musicians: Jonny Neuberger - lead / rhythm /guitar. ukulele, harmonica, lead vocals; " Cadillac " Craig Carter - bass; Jenna Kopitske - Wurlitzer piano, Hammond B-3 organ, drums and percussion; Ryan Carter, drums - " Plank Tone “; Jenny Abbott Goodell - lead guitar on Track 5; Steve Streator - tenor and soprano sax; Julia Lewandowski - alto sax; Lauren Sperry - baritone sax; Monica Barden - harmony vox - Tracks 5 and 10

Jon was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at an early age - and this will really give you the true blues of life experience! Asperger's Syndrome is known as the mild form of the autism spectrum. He picked up the guitar at the age of 13. Jon was given the name Jonny T-Bird white he was a student and Wauwatosa West High School and one of his teachers (Bob Bathurst) called him that name out of the blue. The more he did it, the more that name stuck. Jonny was learning classic rock songs and played with various bands during his teenage years. While in college Jon pursued his music into blues and jazz.

MPs stands for Marinated Puppets - a shout-out to the short-lived band Jonny Neuberger started before Jonny T-Bird.

During the pandemic - when the world was shuttered - and folks turned to the internet for entertainment - discovering countless live feeds from around the globe - new bands, musicians, singers, all being discovered by anxious fans on a daily basis - I had the good fortune of finding Jonny T-Bird and the MPs perform in a garage - since venues were closed - and every performance was great fun and a “must attend” for fans throughout the US and across the globe. Seeing the band live showed how tight, how raucous, how exciting this band would be once the pandemic restrictions were eventually lifted.

" Play Time " follows the 2020 release `` Common Cents “, emotionally produced under exceptional circumstances within an unprecedented pandemic.

Musicians include: Bassist " Cadillac " Craig Carter whose own musical journeys have included blues, reggae, funk, even alternative music. Drummer Jenna Kopitske is the rhythm keeper - drums as well as Wurlitzer electric piano and B-3 Hammond organ.

All songs written by Jonny T-Bird except " No Guarantee " co-written by Jenny Abbott Goodell, who also supplies rock solid guitar on this track.

Every track is a fascinating listening experience, featuring a powerful band that just kills it here. Whether you are experiencing the wah-wah on " Quittin' Time ‘; grunge on " I see You “; taking on the 7-minute slow blues of " Love Is a Four-Letter Word " - featuring Jonny's sizzling guitar solo; or diving into the horn-drenched “Rockin' in Waukesha”, a tasty treat that features the powerful vocals of Monica Barden - " Play Time" is great fun!

Milwaukee-based guitarist / singer / songwriter / harp player Jonny T-Bird leads the MPs on a release that is a true delight. This is the most fun you can have until you get out there and see this exciting band at a venue near you. These are world-class musicians that enjoy playing with each other - and the listener is invited to party hearty with no-holds-barred! Great fun and well worth picking up right away!

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