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Jeff Pitchell – Playin With My Friends

Internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and guitarist Jeff Pitchell won the title of ”Best Guitarist" in Connecticut at age 15, has won numerous awards over the years, including two songwriting awards from the Great American Songwriting contest. Jeff has toured the globe with music luminaries, amazing them with his remarkable guitar skills and his deeply emotional vocal performances.

Playin' With My Friends features new compositions from Jeff Pitchell and classic songs performed and recorded together with an eclectic cornucopia of singers and musicians.

The recordings are uniquely their own, collaborations with friends lost , snapshots of good times spent together on stages far and wide. There are collaborations with legendary performers who are still burning up stages around the globe, combustible collaborations that fire-up crowds everywhere.

“An Eye For An Eye” starts things off, a track that John Mayall recorded for his 2009 album Tough which won an award at the International Songwriting Contest. The late, great saxophonist Charles Neville is featured on ”So Into You” while ”Prisoner Of Love” features the unmistakable guitar work of the late J. Geils, produced by the legendary band leader himself.

There are 13 songs presented on Playin' With my Friends, plenty of rockin' blues and soul, featuring duets with the likes of Duane betts, Claudette King, Rick Derringer, Christine Ohlman and Tyrone Vaughn (son of Jimmie and cousin of Stevie Ray).

Broad range of music and styles that will please music fans everywhere. Jeff Pitchell is an impressive talent all unto himself. Playin' With My Friends is the kind of project that has you hoping that there are more recordings waiting right around the corner. Refreshingly original anthology put together by performers who aren't afraid to take chances, enjoy performing together, and invite the audience to join in on all the fun. Great stuff from start to finish!

Reviewed by John Muller.

Label: Deguello Records

Released: 2023

Produced by: Jeff Pitchell - Executive Producer - John Robinson

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