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Grant Dermody - Behind The Sun

On Behind The Sun, Singer, songwriter, and acclaimed harmonica player Grant Dermody delved into his Louisiana roots with a full band of top-notch musicians. Of the 15 songs on Behind The Sun there are 9 original compositions, four by Dermody, three by Dirk Powell and one by Dirk Powell, Lee Allen Zeno, and Gerard St. Julien, as well as covers from the likes of Muddy Waters, Otis Rush, Jimmy Reed, and even Rick Estrin and Kim Wilson.

Grant Dermody creates music that makes people feel good. No studio tricks, no complicated charts, no bombast, just simple and honest music.

Behind The Sun is spirited and authentic blues fueled by Grant's raw energy, the passion of his bandmates, and the energy of the blues itself. This is all about the heart and soul of the Mississippi Delta - raw, uncompromising, girrty, and rocksteady.

The Blues is about power - the power to change, to create, to make a difference, to feel the mystical aura of the land and soul through the music.

A lot of musicians bring the sizzle to the griddle but miss the recipe. Here Dermody makes the blues accessible for everyone to enjoy. He opens the doors to folks who may not be blues lovers but can certainly appreciate good, soulful, heartfelt music without all the bells and whistles thrown at them.

When life kicks you in the ass, pull up a chair and take the time to relax, stretch out, listen to Grant Dermody and Behind The Sun ... can you pass that jug over here?

Released: 2022

Produced by: Grant Dermody and Dirk Powell

Musicians: Grant Dermody on harp; Dirk Powell on guitar; accordion player Corey Ledet; bassist Lee Allen Zeno; drummer Gerard St. Julien, and backing vocalists Teka Briscoe and Ahyris Navarre.

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