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Dyer Davis - Dog Bites Back

Couldn't wait to get my hands on the debut release from blues-rocker Dyer Davis. I have read so many interesting articles about this remarkable singer-guitarist-songwriter, and been completely floored by his music, that I just had to get a copy of Dog Bites Back.

This is incredible release is from an artist that impresses with his versatility, creativity, and his sincerity. Not only are the songs amazing andwell crafted themselves but the guitar work is outstanding, Dyers vocals are and the mix of funk, blues, rock and soul is impressively done.

“Music has the power to convey emotion and to evoke emotion,” he said. “And I think that it's an abuse of power as a musician to not make music that does such. So anybody that needs to cry, or have sex, or laugh or live their life, I think it's for any of them.”

Dyer Davis listened to artists from the 1960's and 1970's, thanks to his dad. You can hear the influences of the blues-rock of Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart, impressively captured on the only cover, "Let me Love You ." There are subtle hints of Cream here as well. The mix of rock, funk, blues - and plenty of soul - mixes very well together.

Dyer has that enviable quality of connecting with audiences across the spectrum. His love for the music - and his remarkable lyrical talent - crosses over on both this recording and in front of an excitable, frenzied live audience."The messages are a little bit deep. But they're not phrased in such a way that you have to listen to them that way. They don’t have to be heavy,” Dyer has said. Music this raw and honest just has to be recognized by critics and fans alike.

Tracks to watch out for include: "Cryin' Shame" - some beautiful horn work alongside a very groovy funk track; "Wind is Gonna' Change" - beautifully done acoustic blues features Dyer Davis on Resonator guitar; "Long Way to Go" - blues spiritual hits the mark with verses about the suffering of A. Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Moses, featuring Victor Wainright ( "history and sorrow will change tomorrow - someday....") and features some kick ass guitar and piano work; "Angels Get the Blues" - starts off with some beautiful piano work by Dave Mikeal that begins a remarkably touching ballad that laments a love lost; "These Walls", some funk, some rock, the blues, all blended perfectly together, helped mightily by Doug Woolverton's trumpet and Billy Chapins work on the 88's; and "Don't Tell My Mother," a rockin' acoustic track featuring some tasty backing keyboards.

A long list of musicians contribute their talents to this remarkable debut by Dyer Davis. All the pieces fit together perfectly and the results are outstanding. Dog Bites Back is an understatement. This is one hound that holds on and never lets go!

Highly entertaining, thoroughly exciting, and pure enjoyment from start to finish. Superb debut that gets better and more interesting with repeated listenings. Dyer Davis will set the music world on fire for years to come. Well Done!

By John Muller


Produced by: Stephen Dees and Billy Chapin -

Released: 2023


Band: Dyer Davis - Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars / David Weatherspoon - Drums Jacob Barone - Bass Guitar /

Sitting In: Victor Wainright - Piano / Stephen Dees - Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Keys, Percussion / Billy Chapin - Rhythm Guitar, Organ, Keys / Patricia Ann Dees - Tenor Sax, Flute, Background Vocals / Billy Dean - Drums

Special Guests: Stan Lynch - Drums / Mark Early - Baritone Sax / Doug Woolverton - Trumpet / Joe Young - Trumpet / Dave Mikeal - Piano / Walter Andrews - Dobro Slide Guitar

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