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Debra Devi - Jamification Station - Vol. 1

Debra Devi - Vocals, Guitar

Kevin James - Bass

Martin Schmid - Keys

John Roccesano - Drums

“Imagine you're preparing a list of today’s top female blues/rock guitarists. No doubt you'll include Bonnie Raitt, Samantha Fish, Susan Tedeschi and Ana Popovic. If you don’t include Debra Devi, your list is not complete.” - Bill Graham

Debra Devi plays "dreamy blues-rockers and blistering psychedelic jams" (Relax) flavored with her soulful voice and expressive lead guitar. Live, Devi leads "a fierce guitar-driven band equally adept at soulful rockers and sprawling jams" (NY Music Daily.

Jamification Station Vol. 1 - a live EP mixed from singer / guitarist Debra Devi's livestream show " Jamification Station " hosted by American Blues Scene. Four extraordinary tracks capture Debra and her band all full throttle, live, tearing it up, from the catchy " Home Again”, to an incredibly fiery interpretation of the Hendrix classic " Crosstown Traffic”, the moving soul-rock of " Get Free " and the uplifting, hopeful, Southern-rock of " The River “.

" I'm not really trying to come up with a new sound for each new project, I'm more just trying to delve deeper inside to become a deeper, more connected and emotive player. I don't think about how I'm going to reinvent myself for each new record. I just try to be true to myself and be expressive, however that comes out "

I had the luck and the good fortune of finding Debra Devi on FB, along with " The Dudes " (Debra’s band - Kevin Jones, bass; Martin Schmid, keys; and John Roccesano, drums) and members of the “Devians " (Debra’s hard-core followers and loyal fans). Like so many others turning to FB, and other social media, during the dark days of the pandemic blackout, looking for entertainment, comfort, hope, and a good time, Debra Devi was a bright spotlight. I have continued to follow Debra and " The Dudes “, thrilled with their continuing success, critical acclaim, and huge following of loyal fans that continues to grow world-wide.

In May, 2020, Debra, like so many others, was in lockdown in Jersey City, New Jersey. Instead of getting out there on the road to promote her highly acclaimed EP, " A Zillion Stars Overhead " (with Gov't Mule bassist Jorge Carlsson) she was pondering her next steps and questioning the future of herself and the band. One lonely evening Debra took out her iPhone, put it on a stand, and began her first solo livestream. Those lucky enough to find this premier broadcast asked Debra when she would be live again. They were excited, captivated, hooked, and eager for more. Here was something special, something bright and promising, brief moments taken away from the dark days that everyone was facing.

It wasn't soon before Debra's livestream grew into bi-weekly full-band concerts that were streamed from drummer John Roccesano's Silver Horse Sound in Hoboken, New Jersey. " We used masks, distancing and testing to keep it safe until we were vaccinated “, Debra has said. American Blues Scene began hosting " Jamification Station " on Facebook and YouTube, fans pouring into the streams, word-of-mouth spreading far and wide, fans commenting on a live chat, dubbing themselves, with great pride, " Devians “. They soon nicknamed Debra Devi's band - " The Dudes “.

Debra Devi explains her views on " The Blues “:

" The whole point of the blues is to dig deep inside and connect with your own soul.... As guitarist Robben Ford says, " The blues is a big house ". An astonishing amount of music has been birthed under its roof, all of it based on what is proving to be one of the strongest, most flexible, and inspiring musical frameworks ever created......I like what Jimmie Vaughn told me: If a musician can get the blues and what it says about space and feeling.... the space is as important as the notes. Because if you don't have space, you don't allow time for the listener to feel what has been said. .... I think we're seeing a backlash against overly produced music. Listeners want to hear soul!

Debra Devis is one badass guitarist, equally talented as a vocalist and songwriter. She is not afraid to stick her fingers in the eyes of the blues, giving a gut punch to the expected status quo, making music her own way, on her own terms. Debra and " The Dudes " are taking the music to the streets, waking up the music scene with great vibes, good fun, and irresistible tunes.


Debra Devi's Book - The Language of the Blues: From Alcorub to Zuzu

Winner ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for Outstanding Book on Music

Reuters calls it "one of the wittiest, bawdiest, most fascinating dictionaries ever." Bonnie Raitt adds: "What a great resource--as fascinating as it is informative. Debra's passion for the blues shines through." Wall Street Journal critic Nat Hentoff says it's "invaluable," and producer Hal Willner agrees: "It's an invaluable reference book. And it's also great fun to read."

The Language of the Blues is a must-have for fans of blues, jazz, rock and slang. in it, author. rock musician and Huffington Post blogger Debra Devi explores over 150 terms like buffet flat, killing floor, and mojo with fresh insights from her in-depth interviews with blues legends like Hubert Sumlin, Robert Jr. Lockwood, Henry Gray, Bob Margolin, Robben Ford, Jimmie Vaughan and more. "As a musician myself, not a scholar," Devi explains, "I thought I could best make a contribution by talking directly to blues artists about what the words in blues songs mean to them."

The result is a lively read Blues Revue deems "an essential purchase for scholars and fans." New York Times columnist Shelton Ivany adds, "If you have any questions about songs, lyrics, musicians or events, chances are you will find your answers in this unparalleled publication."

The Language of the Blues opens with a remarkable foreword by Dr. John, who helped Devi uncover the illegal gambling origins of terms like "gig" and "axe." This new edition includes over 30 stunning photos of legendary blues artists (17 in color). AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON - check Debra Devi's website -

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