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Corky Siegel - Something Wrong

Corky Siegel wastes no time getting his music out there . The so-called "Renaissance Artist of the Blues " he is continually evolving , creating , composing , collaborating , stretching the boundaries of music even further . His mind is in a constant swirl and whirl with ideas flowing like the tides , with waves of creativity crashing against the musical shoreline . Even COVID was not able to hold him back : " ‘What were we so worried about?’ All you can do is embrace life! Take a walk outside. Look at the sky. Make sure you’re enjoying every single second no matter the situation!” Instead of feeling sorry for himself and unable to perform for adoring audiences for the first time in decades, Siegel set his sights on an even loftier goal: to use his downtime and figure out a way to use his music to spread love, peace, truth and understanding to a society wracked with disease, political upheaval and social disorder.

"Something Wrong " is just an extraordinary release . Simple , stripped down , Corkys haunting harp work following alongside his jazzy , bluesy , grooves on the 88's . Corky's large range , his beautiful compositions , combined with a great stage personality , bring the music to new heights . From the most light and subtle sound to a very heavy and powerful impact Corky's work on the keys is outstanding , and his imagination is free-wheeling as he roams the musical landscape , " Strange Dream " , featuring background vocals by " The Bergamot" - Jillian Spence and Nathaniel Paul - is a truly remarkable composition , totally unexpected , one of those pieces of music that will have you thunderstruck . I have played this particular piece of music over and over again. Just sensational !

Most definitely check out . Broaden your horizons and open your mind to new music possibilities . Showing no signs of slowing down , with new releases already being planned for release , Corky Siegel is a force to be reckoned with - a magnificent musical hurricane creating musical masterpieces , tearing down the expected , and bringing to life contemporary blues that will certainly surprise you .

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