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Bywater Call – Remain

Based in Toronto, this 7-piece band has a name that echoes the Bywater and Marigny areas of the city of New Orleans. They perform a blend of rock, blues, New Orleans funk, R&B, and southern rock.

This group is a showcase for performers with exceptional talents. Lead singer Meghan Parnell has a voice that is nothing short of astonishing! Dave Barnes is an exceptional guitarist and his slide work is perfectly in tune with the rest of this exciting band, expertly complementing Meghan's wondrous vocals.

The albums easily ties together an eclectic mix of influences - The Band to Duane Allman, Aretha and Otis to Elmore James, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, Etta James to the Meters.

There is a wall of sound here that stirs emotions and displays plenty of raw energy. Not just a collection of random tracks sequenced by a producer or an anonymous committee every song, every note, every riff, has a place, and the songs are placed together like a mouth-watering layer cake, all the ingredients are there, and every bite brings something new to savor and enjoy.

Tracks like "Love Slow Down,” "Let Me Be Wrong," and "Ties That Bind," reflect a timelessness that bridges the gap between the enormous diversity of musical styles that showcased the 70's and today's contemporary blues music that is unafraid to take chances.

"Locked" is a powerful ballad that features Meghan's atmospheric vocals, tasty bits of church organ, the solid support of the band takin' us to church', a deeply moving piece of Gospel that flows with the unpredictability of the tides. "Bring It Back" is an outstanding wedge of rhythm and blues, solidly punching with those fantastic horns, giving Dave Barnes plenty of room to cut loose with some outstanding, electrifying, slide guitar work. "Sea We Swim" is a swinging number that is given outstanding support from the masterful horn-playing of Stephen Dyte.

There are 11 tracks on Remain and every one is a winner!

Bywater Call is a significant bright spot on the music scene today, a so-called blues band that certainly defies expectations, unafraid to take chances, courageously exploding from the blues-box with a unique sound all their own. I have played Remain dozens of times already, finding something new and exciting with every listen.

Bywater Call brings a freshness to the blues that is passionate and heartfelt. They are the perfect ambassadors of the contemporary blues scene.

Label: Gypsy Soul Records Produced by: Renan Yildizdogan

Released: 2023 Artist Website:

Musicians: Meghan Parnell - Lead Vocals; Dave Barnes – Guitars; Stephen Dyte - Trumpet and Valve Trombone; Bruce McCarthy – Drums; Mike Meusel - Bass Guitar; Julian Nalli - Saxophone; Alan Zemaitis – Keys/Hammond B-3; Background Vocals: Tafari Anthony and Stacie Tabb; Percussion - Mario Allende / Mellotron on " Let Me be Wrong " - Renan Yildizdogan / Bowed Guitar - " Go Alone " - Performed By Ross Hayes Citrullo

Reviewed by John Muller.

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