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Bidu Sous - Don't Wake Me Up Early

Bidu Sous is a revelation of the blues in Brazil . The daughter of a guitarist father , Bidu grew up in a small town in the countryside listening to viola moda and country music. Later, dad fell in love with the weepy melody of the old blues , a musical genre originated by African-Americans in the deep South of the United States, but that transcends barriers of time and distance reaching many places throughout the world. Bidu Sous as a blues lover has collaborated in spreading the style in one of the most beautiful ways : singing . A way to honor your beloved idols. Her first authorial album entitled " Don't Wake Me Up Early" , recently released , is the first traditional blues album by a woman in Brazil . A partnership with guitarist and producer Luther Ferreira , this critically acclaimed release is already on all digital platforms! But for those who are more " old school" , and prefer to have physical CDs , just get in touch with Bidu and pick up a copy right away!

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