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Robert Hill and Joanne Lediger - Revelation

I just want to testify......Praise the Lord....Hallelujah.... if you ain't dancin' by the time "John the Revelator " throttles you then you might need an exorcism...damn .... feel like James Brown right now......I Feel Good Brothers and Sisters....I've seen the light and highly recommend this incredible CD release....

Blazin' harp work.... extraordinary guitar solos.......Robert Hill certainly knows how to let the music take its twists and turns like the Mighty Mississippi – is the smooth, powerful, and soulful vocals of Joanne Lediger.... the " Devils Music " couldn't get any better.... every track is smokin' and radio that most definitely was made to blow minds and lift spirits...

Gospel music and the blues show a unique relationship, reflecting ' two sides of the same coin”. Many gospel songs have been transformed into blues or soul songs, and vice versa, by simply changing a few words in the lyrics. The blues and the spirituals flow from the same bedrock of experience. Blues and gospel remain the bedrock of black music. The cryptic and mysterious bluesman Robert Johnson produced music so powerful that many of his listeners believed the myth that Robert had actually sold his soul to the devil himself in exchange for his prowess as a blues musician. Blues and gospel are both bound up in sorrow, loss, despair, hope redemption, resilience, loss, despair, and dreams. Both gospel and blues music are about a world gone wrong, about injustice, about the human condition, and both are about hope for a better world. Gospel blues is a combination of blues guitar and evangelistic lyrics (many thanks - Charles F. McGovern - College of William and Mary - Professor of American Studies and History).

" Redemption ‘, a collaboration between slide guitar Hall-of-Famer Robert Hill and acclaimed vocalist Joanne Lediger, is a spiritually rambunctious and joyfully delirious celebration of Gospel-Blues. Celebrating the spirit are Frank Pagano handling the drums and percussion; Robert Hill, guitars, vocals, harp, keys; Steve Gelfand, bass; Ed Alstrom, Hammond B-3 on " Pay One Way or Another “; Paulina Hill, vocals; and Joanne Lediger, vocals. There are 11 songs included here, 4 originals, including the Tom Waits composition " Way Down In The Hole”. Simply spellbinding combination of gospel, blues and American roots. With music this good you certainly won't want it to end. A heartfelt, creative collection that introduces new audiences to the authentic sounds of contemporary Gospel -Blues traditions. " I've Seen The Light " - Get up and holler - scream and shout - “Revelation " will lead you to the Promised Land - and you will have one helluva’ good time - The Devil Be Damned!!

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