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NoName James - Orange

Before delving into this exciting release from a 40-year veteran of the New Jersey music scene, let's take a look at the color Orange since it has so much to do with this outstanding production.

The color orange is energetic, spontaneous, and dynamic. Much like purple, orange tends to be a controversial color. People tend to either love it or hate it. Orange can be very attention-grabbing. Orange burns with intensity. The color orange wants the world to celebrate with it.

Described as “Acid Blues” the music on Orange explodes with intensity. Acid Blues combines styles such as rock, soul, funk, and jazz. Pioneers of the genre include the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Mountain, Led Zeppelin, Cream, and Stevie Ray Vaughn with Double Trouble.

Much like the classic blues-rock of the formidable power trio, Cream, NoName James and his bandmates provide a powerful showcase for an ass-kicking trio that pulls out all the stops. From the cataclysmic opener” Hey Baby,” NoName James and his bandmates crank the volume way, way up without hesitation and quake the world with a sonic intensity.

The guitar work here is remarkable, delivering plenty of knockout punches from track to track.The music is ferocious, raw, and heart-pumping. NoName James has written songs with a lyrical fire, adding just the right amounts of winks and grins to make it all so much more cosmic. Check out the booklet and enjoy the lyrical fire storm. You'll have a great time delving into the wealth of material here.

Note-worthy are the head-spinning covers that take on lives of their own: Tom Fogerty's arrangement of Bill Monroe's ”Rocky Road Blues,” the Beatles ”Ticket to Ride,” and Paul Anka's ”It Doesn't Matter Anymore”. Talk about a mixed bag of reinvented classics!

Perseverance, will power, a steadfast refusal to quit against everything seemingly stacked against you, a love for all things blues and blues-rock, NoName James continues to be a musical dynamo after 40-plus years tearing it up in clubs, bars, and on concert stages.

Call it ”Acid Blues,” ”Blues Rock,” whatever you want to call it, this is great music that deserves to be played LOUD - damn the neighbors - crank this music way, way up - roll down those car widows - tear the heavens asunder - make the earth quake, rattle, and roll - Orange is essential listening and living proof that the blues, and all its' colors, is still alive and well. This is one incredible album!

Released: 2019

Band Members: NoName James on guitar, vocals, percussion / Tom Papadatos on drums / Auturo Baquer on bass / MustaffahMysteriouso guest stars on conga and drums

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