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Mick Kolassa - Uncle Micks Christmas Album

Guess my daughter is right - Christmas can come all year long - Alana can watch Christmas movies in the sweltering summer heat and play Christmas songs throughout every day of the calendar. Doesn't matter the season, the weather, or the change of heart - Christmas can be held tightly and enjoyed all year long given the chance - just ask my daughter Alana.

Here it is September and into my pile of much-anticipated CDs that I have yet to review comes something truly unexpected - Uncle Micks Christmas Album - 9 tracks of Christmas chestnuts and originals. Had to get into this CD right way. Didn't want to get put on the naughty list too hastily - I've been having enough troubles here lately.

Recorded in the notorious 95-degree heat of a Memphis summer - Every musician, engineer, technician and guests are 100 % "Grind City " proof.

Mariah Carey's " All I Want For Christmas " is cleverly reinvented with a full - blown Memphis Blues treatment , surely another classic-in-the-making right here ; "Frosty the Snowman " struts down Congo Square with second-line glee, Marc Franklins trumpet adding just the right seasoning ; "Jingle Bells" was never the greatest Christmas song but in Uncle Micks hands the well-worn nugget gets a nice blues vibe , a unique makeover, that really - sleighed me (!) ; "Merry Christmas Baby " features Eric Hughes on harmonica and Rick Steff on keys , a nicely wrapped package that jumps into life ; "Christmas Morning Blues " , a Mick Kolassa original , is a real blues rocker ; and to wrap things up , " Beale Street Jam " has each musician taking a shot at a Christmas song , jamming along the way into a 1-4-5 shuffle .

Featuring: Bill Ruffino - bass; James Cunningham, drums; Reba Russell and Susan Marshall provide amazingly excellent backing vocals.

Your presents is requested to enjoy " Uncle Micks Christmas Album “- Fir Sure!! This band has great chemis - tree ! Hold on for deer life and enjoy this wonderful release. It's snow joke - Christmas can come all year long - Just ask Alana - and invite Uncle Mick and his friends to lead the way. YULE LOVE THIS!!

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