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Mick Kolassa - I’m Just Getting Started

This album is a labor of love; 100% of the net proceeds will go to the Blues Foundation, split between two very important programs; the HART Fund and Generation Blues. Go to to find out how you support the blues.

The colors.... just endless possibilities within unlimited imagination.... you just have to open up your mind and enjoy the music.

Mick Kolassa's " Free Range Blues " is a tasty mix of soul, blues, rock, jazz, and even gospel. The possibilities are endless. Mix that with clever and poignant songwriting and you have a unique and first-rate formula that works. With Mick's 11th studio release we find this mighty prolific musician and songwriter declaring - " I'm Just getting Started" - and that is exciting news for blues fans world-wide.

Living the blues can be both an inspiration and a curse. In Mick's case he has had to deal with his wife's passing from cancer and his own battle with COVID-19. Leaving Mississippi where he lived for about 30years, Mick now resides in Memphis, where he draws inspiration from the sights, sounds, and personalities of everything - and everyone - around him. Mick can be found on the stages around Beale Street and Memphis, with his own band, or sitting in with other musicians.

Production handled with great skill by Jeff Jensen," I'm Just Getting Started " celebrates 8 original Mick Kolassa originals with four imaginative covers that bend the rules and surprise the listener: "Real Man " from John Hiatt; cover of the Pacific Gas and Electric rock classic "Are You Ready “; "Alibis and Lies”, a song about modern Beale Street done originally by Chainsaw Dupont; and “Leavin' Trunk " by Sleepy John Estes.

Mick brings in a solid team of musicians that includes Jeff Jensen on guitar; Dexter Allen, bass and guitar; Rick Steff on keyboards; John Blackmon on drums; Bill Ruffino, bass; Marc Franklin, trumpet; Chris Stephenson, keys; Kirk Smothers, sax; J Remy Williams, keys and background vocals; Julia Melah, background vocals; Donna Jones Nickelson, background vocals - and - Mick himself - vocals, guitar and percussion.

Standouts include the fun - " How Much Can I Pay You " - about a stripper who goes too far , but in a twist it is the male who wants to pay the lady to put her clothes back on(!) ; " That Kind of Man " and " Take Me Away " are two smoldering blues tunes that combine tasty chunks of soul and blues rock ; 'Trying Not to Let the Darkness In " - Micks trademark classic slow blues tear-jerker; "Hard Hearted Woman " features energetic foreplay between first-rate guitar work and infectious organ play ; and " I'm Just Getting Started" , the title cut , where Mick declares - " I've got me lots of tricks ain't no ones seen yet!" - and , judging by the 35-minutes of excellent music on this superb release, that statement is complete honesty . This is as authentic a blues album as you can get right now, and the twists and turns, all the shades of blue, are exciting and exceptionally original.

Definitely a winner, " I'm Just Getting Started “, showcases a musician and singer-songwriter on a mission to spread the blues gospel, not afraid to take chances, blurring those lines between the traditionally expected and the colorfully outside the box. Mick Kolassa brings a freshness to the blues that boots the music, kicking and shouting, into many unique directions. Mick is just getting warmed up. He brings the heat on his latest release, " I'm Just Getting Started”.


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