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Katie Henry - On My Way

Katie Henry and her bandmates were just signed to the prestigious RUf Records label in 2022 . This has afforded Katie the enviable opportunity to tour Europe several times , perform at larger festivals , and thrill audiences nation-wide . Katie - and the Katie Henry Band - have continued to build a huge fan base which is beginning to reach out across continents.

Recorded at Degraw Sound Studios in Brooklyn with Ben Rice producing. The bulk of the tracks were recorded live with bandmates who also happen to be friends . Katie prefers to record live in the studio , ramping it up throughout the process, making changes as things progress , a team effort rather than a singular mindset.

Being signed to RUF Records gave Katie more production values and a top-notch team to work with . She certainly shows greater confidence , and even greater control here " On My Way". A multi-talented instrumentalist Katie pulls out all the stops as she performs amazingly on electric guitar , acoustic guitar , piano , and even Wurlitzer electric piano .

Her close friend and musical partner Antar Goodwin is an extraordinary slide guitarist and bassist on his own terms . He has toured with Katie recently in Europe as well as touring as a trio in certain venues .

" On My Way " features a greater blues shift here than on her Freshman release . However there are surprising detours towards jazz , soul , country , and even solid blues-rock. This makes for a highly enjoyable release that is filled with surprises.

Blues harpist Giles Robinson and Kurt Thurmon on organ are featured on "Too Long " - a rousing showcase for Katie's distinctive vocal leads.

Katie has a distinctive vocal personality , and a wonderful essence that has attracted audiences and set Katie far ahead of many others out there . " On My Way " is just the beginning of a remarkable journey that will take Katie Henry into music stardom , and award-winning accolades , for many years to come . Can't wait for the next release!!!

Author: John Muller

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