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Janiva Magness - Hard To Kill

Released on Janiva's own "Fathead Records '' label this is her first blast of new material in 3 years . "Hard to Kill '' is tied to Janiva's brutally honest , gut-wrenching , emotionally charged 2019 memoir , " Weeds Like Us" , which will be released on audiobook this summer.

"Hard To Kill " might never have happened . "Somewhere between my office , the kitchen and the bedroom for nearly two years , I began completely questioning whether I was going to continue in the business of music". Her dear friend and producer Dave Darling took charge and rushed in , " Because it's what you do . Because it's what we do ,as artists, and you are a fucking artist . So cut it out and let's get to work".

"Hard To Kill " is filled with joy and energy . The music and lyrics are truly inspiring. Hard-hitting and honest Janiva refuses to let the worst experiences of life kill you . Built on rock solid blues , soul , and rock, Janiva has given us an autobiographical and inspiring musical experience that is a gift to music fans the world over.

" I want people who have trauma or who have navigated depression to know that they can have hope. Hope is a risky proposition . Music kept me floating . Are the majority of my days good? Yes . Am I having the best revenge ever by having a beautiful life?Yes . I want people to know what is possible".

Kicking things off with "Strong As Steel " - "I'm bad business for the devil 'cause I'm so hard to kill" - co-written by Lauren Bliss and Andrew Lowden - this is a story of survival - the physical and sexual abuse ; suicide of both her parents ; years in foster care ; A 14-year-old runaway living on the streets ; drug and alcohol dependency and abuse ; teenage pregnancy and motherhood - a triumphant mix of Chicago blues and Memphis soul.

" Oh , Pearl " is sung with gut-wrenching honesty and is a heartbreaking confessional , a message to the daughter Janiva gave up for adoption - ' The doctor took you from my chest - told me I was your poison...I wrote this song for you . I hope your dreams come true . My mother failed me too . Maybe you're better off without me".

There are 12 original compositions , 4 of which were co-written by Janiva , as well as a brilliant cover of John Hiatt's " The Last Time" . Recorded with Magness' longtime producer / guitarist Dave Darling at Studio City Sound in Los Angeles . Solid support from Zach Zunis and Dave darling on guitars ; John Schroeder on slide guitar ; Gary Davenport , bass ; Matt Tecu on drums ; Jim Alfredspn on Hammond B-3 , Wurlitzer , piano ; Sasha Smith is featured on " Oh Pearl

" , Wurlitzer , Hammond B-3 ; Brie Darling , percussion ; Backing vocals from Gary Pinto , Andrew Lowden , Bernie Barlow ; - and special guest John Nemeth is featured on ' Comes Around " .

Janiva can sing with the emotional intensity of Bettye Lavette or Tina Turner . She is an expressive , powerful vocalist who instantly connects with an audience . Throughout " Hard To Kill " Janiva gives hope to millions of people unable to escape the clutches of depression , anxiety , and self-doubt . 'Hard To Kill " is an unflinching saga of resurrection and self-discovery . Janiva has created music that is so human , so real . This is emotional music . Certainly a triumph , " Hard To Kill " is an experience for music fans everywhere to enjoy . Pick this one up right away!!


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