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Diunna Greenleaf - I Ain't Playin

Having been lucky enough to see Diunna Greenleaf share the stage at the Chicago Blues in Maplewood Festival (organized by the needs-to-be-supported MEND Organization - Meeting Needs with Dignity - I can say for a fact that she easily captivates an audience - singing with raw emotion - ready to speak her mind - ready to take your back-door ass and kick you flying out the front door without breaking a sweat - Diunna is a true natural talent !

"Trying To Hold On " is Diunna's first release in some 11 years and it has been well worth the wait . Diunna has received 13 nominations for the BMA in the Traditional Blues Female Artist category , and she has won twice . This latest release deserves not only BMA recognition but a Grammy nod as well . It's that good!!

Diunna's rich , powerful voice showcases four tracks that Diunna wrote herself - a testament to her talents as a singer and a songwriter - " Back Door man ' is one of my favorites alongside " Running Like The Red Cross " , " Answer To The Hard Working Man " . .

With tunes like " Never Trust A Man " , If It Wasn't For The Blues " , " Let Me Cry " (written by the late-great Texas blues slinger Johnnny Copeland) , and Deitra Farrs " My Turn , My Time " , Diunna takes you on her life's journey , filled with all the twists and turns , the struggles and disappointments, all the betrayals , that life throws at you . She IS the blues!!

Top-Flight production work by Noel Hayes brings in the great " D'Mar Martin on drums ( have you seen this man fly off his drum kit yet??) , Jim Pugh on organ , Alabama Mike on vocals , Greaseland legend Kid Anderson tearing into those frets , Mike Rinta on trombone , Aaron Leighton on tenor sax and flute , Jeff Lewis on trumpet , and many other friends along the way.

Exceptional release in every way . Must have played this CD a dozen times already on my family road trips - Diunna Greenleaf is the real deal - Sweet and sassy , raw and emotional , deep and powerful , with the blink of an eye she can arm wrestle you to the ground - this is a testament to a high-energy talent with so much to give - " I Ain't Playin " showcases a music powerhouse that is more than ready for that top tier of performers - WOW!!

Author: John Muller

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