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Diane Blue All-Star Band - Live! At The Fallout Shelter

It's always good to be thunderstruck once in a while when a new CD release crosses your doorstep . Diane Blue's latest release had me hungry for more - after repeated listening - so I had to delve into her back catalogue and treat myself to more of her incredible vocal performances , amazing harp work , and extraordinary guitar skills. Diane Blue can get funk-i-fied one minute , sing sweet love to you with a tender ballad , and tear into a blues rave-up all without missing a beat .

Recorded at " The Fallout Shelter " in Norwood , Massachusetts , February 25 and 26 , 2022 , Diane delivers an exceptional performance on every track . She has true soul in her voice . Diane can make you feel those really emotional songs , wringing every bit of emotion from the songs that she sings . It is really amazing how effortlessly Diane moves every track along . Vocalist , harp player , songwriter , bandleader , Diane does it all . She is a crowd pleasing entertainer who makes the words that she sings jump to life .

Diane Blue shared the stages with Luther Jr. Johnson , Irma Thomas , and Big jack Johnson to name a few . She released her independently produced debut recording in 2006 . Four years later she won the Massachusetts Blues Challenge and went on to compete in the International Blues Challenge held in Memphis every year . Diane became an official member of Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters in 2016.

Check out " Leave Me Alone " , a stand-out track on her latest release that features the soulful spirituality of Ronnie Earl's guitar work alongside that magnificent vocal prowess of Diane Blue - " Spiritual - I just try to bring a lot of spiritual healing to the public " - Ronnie Earl.

Other impressive tracks include - " I Cry " - Millie Jackson's 1973 release is a hauntingly slow blues burner ; " Be My Side " was co-written by Chris Vitarello and Diane Blue ; and Organist Dave Limina and Diane Blue co-wrote the mid-tempo soul ballad , " Crazy Hazy , Lazy".

Remarkable band sits perfectly alongside Diane , creating the groove but never getting in the way . There's plenty of room for everyone and the musicians are outstanding - Makes me sooo jealous of all the folks who got to see this being recorded live in February , 2022 - Dave Limina - Hammond Organ ; Chris Vitarello , guitar ; Lorne Entress , drums ; Ronnie Earl - " Leave me Alone " - and - Diane Blue , vocals.

Diane Blue - " Many of the songs on this album were written during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown , 2020-2021 , when there was plenty of room to think . Insomnia was frequent and I actually wrote that song in the middle of the night , wide awake , yet again.

" I Cry " is a song that was recorded by Millie Jackson back in the 1970's. She sang about some very personal issues . That got me thinking about what was happening around me and making me feel like crying and I added two verses . This song is dedicated to victims of race-related injustice.

When I started to write the song " Leave me Alone " , the words just flowed out of me , and I'm not sure where they came from . Ronnie Earl is the king of slow blues . He interprets lyrics with deeply heartfelt phrases on his guitar , sometimes crying , sometimes screaming , always from his soul . I am grateful that I was raised by two loving parents who always treated each other with respect . I was taught to be respectful and respectable , and to know that violence in the home is just wrong . This song is dedicated to victims of domestic violence ".

Brilliant project that sets up Diane Blue as one of the best singers on the music scene today . She is carrying the torch and showing the way for the next generation of women in music. What an amazing live album ! An impressive talent with an incredible voice !

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