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Delta Wires - If Somebody Told Me...

Delta Wires

The first time I played this CD in my car I was floored by the music and all the talents involved in pulling this together. Cranked the music way up and just got lost in the rhythmic madness that is... Delta Wires ... and after listening to their latest, If Somebody Told Me.. a few dozen times in the house, in the car, I am convinced that EVERYONE has to have this band in their collection, and most definitely, have to have Delta Wires on their “must see” live list.

What an incredible band!

This exciting 8-piece band showcases a lot of talent. Ernie Pina, bandleader, vocals, and harmonica packs plenty of excitement and emotion into his harp work. His vocals are the perfect fit for the horn-driven rhythm and blues, fiery, funk, and classic blues that flows easily through every track.

Richard Healy on guitar just sizzles, and his solos are combustible firestorms. The horn section is mind-blowing - David Bowman, former member of the Glenn Miller Orchestra on trombone; John Christensen, a music educator who has recorded with Kenny G. on trumpet; Caleb Murray, on Alto and Tenor Sax, has played with rock, funk, blues, Christian Contemporary, Latin, Hip Hop, and Reggae groups around the world.

And then on drums they have Tony Huszar, a high-energy, kick ass funky drummer who loves hard-driving roots music and Richard Sylvester on keyboards, who can easily switch grooves without any hesitation, driving the music into fascinating melodies and riffs with the flick of a finger or two.

Delta Wires veers off into creative directions that sound fresh. Reminiscent of horn-driven blues outfits like The Electric Flag, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and Blue Stone Ivory. Their horn and harmonica driven West Coast Blues ties together blues roots and the modern, electric sound.

When they play a song that someone else has done they pick it apart and put their own powerful take on it - check out one of my favorites, “Voodoo Cadillac” which pays tribute to the Gary U.S. Bonds classic but drips with the swampy humidity of the Louisiana bayou, a scorching bit of Nawlins' funk that will have dancing your pants off.

Then there is “Sloppy Drunk” a take from the Sonny Boy Williamson catalog that swings with wild abandonment; “Dimples” the John Lee Hooker classic that gets a complete makeover with Eric Pinatas scorching harp work front and center; “Blues in Hoss' Flat” from Count Basie has a horn arrangement from David Bowman that brings to life the glorious days of the big band era featuring a remarkable showpiece for the horn section, and will definitely have you heading for the nearest dancefloor.

Delta Wires is celebrated for their incendiary live shows, described in the CD liner notes as an “incandescent experience.”

Delta Wires offers you superior song writing, inventively creative arrangements, and outstanding musicianship. Seek out If Somebody Told Me.. and get ready to party! Outstanding and highly recommended!

Reviewed by John Muller

Label: Mud Slide Records

Executive Producer: Anthony”Little Tony" Calabrese

Produced By: Ernie Pinata, Tom Gerris, David Bowman, Tony Huszar, John Christensen and Richard Healy

Released: 2023

Artist Website:

Musicians: Eric Pinata - bandleader, vocals, harmonica; Tom Gerritis – bass; Richard Healy – guitar; Tony Huszar – drums; David Bowman – trombone; John Christensen – trumpet; Caleb Murray – saxophone; Richard Sylvester

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