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Dana Fuchs - Borrowed Time

Dana Fuchs - "We tracked everything live, and it was our first time recording an album with another guitar player. We were going for that rootsy, Stonesy rock & roll sound, so it was like having Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards in the band. The guys would just start jamming, and suddenly, a song that was written on acoustic guitar would turn into this big rocker, and we’d record it on the spot. The most takes we did of a single song until we got it right was three. It was the fastest album I’ve ever made".

I first met Dana Fuchs when she was working in the celebrated off- Broadway production of " Love, Janis “. It was immediately clear that this young woman with the extraordinary voice, who blew critics minds and captured audiences’ night after night, was someone very special. Dana and I became friends over the years, and it was always a pleasure to have Dana take part in so many wonderful benefits, that helped so many people and so many charities, whenever she was asked to lend a hand.

Dana Fuchs is a gutsy, emotional, and powerful singer who touches on a lot of genres on her latest RUF release, " Borrowed Time " - soul, rhythm and blues, kick ass rock and roll, tender ballads. Dana co-wrote every track on her latest sessions with a truly great band alongside her.

" This is my first time telling so many other people's stories," Dana says, " Over the past two years, most people have realized there's no going back to normal. And really, do we want to? I went back to school and had a baby during the pandemic, so I hope I'm coming from a greater place of wisdom and empathy when I create music now. It was time to get out of myself and deliver songs from another person's viewpoint. We're all on this planet together, after all, living on borrowed time".

" Borrowed Time" has 12 amazing tracks. Produced by Bobby Harlow and Kenny Tudrick (electric and acoustic guitar) the band recorded the sessions over 8 inspired days. Producer Bobby Harlow encouraged Dana to focus on the rock and roll that captivated her attention back in the Deep South of her youth. " Instead of covering Skynard, I just made my own Southern rock album".

Born in New Jersey Dana found her way into a troubled childhood in Wildwood, Florida. She took comfort in the stomp-and-holler gospel of her local Baptist church -

"My first-grade teacher took me under her wing “, Dana says when talking about those early days in the Deep South of the Bible Belt, "I just loved music so she took me to her Baptist Church on the black side of town, where I was exposed to a lot of soul. That sound stuck with me ". - But it was the British classic rock blasted out by her siblings - The Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Fleetwood Mac - “That is when I knew I had to do music. When I started hearing that stuff, at 10 or 11, I stopped listening to other music completely. Later on, I appreciated my parents' music - Hank Williams, Ray Charles, Billie Holiday - but when I heard the old classic rock and roll, I lost my mind over that stuff".

Her voice is unmistakable - " Dana Fuchs has one of those unmistakable voices, one perfect for exploring the confluence of blues and soul, the places where Otis Redding and Janis Joplin rub elbows and where the night and smoke gets thick" (Pop Matters) - "Juke-joint dirty and illicit, evoking Joplin, Jagger and a fag butt bobbing in a glass of bourbon" (Classic Rock magazine in a blues album of the month review). Dana makes it all look effortless on stage. She is a versatile singer, a powerhouse, able to sing rock, soul, gospel, or blues with unequaled intensity and passion. Her distinctive voice easily connects with every audience, a hypnotic siren seducing listeners with the lure of her song.

" Borrowed Time " is filled with other people’s stories, struggles, viewpoints, and the influence of the unprecedented pandemic. " This marks the beginning of Chapter 2 in music as well as in life. I'm going out into the world and writing about the people who share it with me. My own story is always going to be in there, too, but this is the first album where other people’s stories are forming my own emotions". Sharing with Dana’s “Borrowed Time " is; Kenny Tudrick, recording engineer, electric and acoustic guitars; Jon Diamond, electric and acoustic guitars, harmonica, backing vocals; keyboardist Jordan Champion; bassist Jack Daley; Todd Glass, drums.

" Borrowed Time " showcases Dana Fuchs extraordinary voice while blending an exciting mix of material that packs an emotional punch from start to finish. A truly incredible release and a great musical effort. Embrace " Borrowed Time " and enjoy the time spent with one of the great contemporary singers on the scene today.

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