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Breezy Rodio - Underground Blues

Featuring: Anson Funderburgh; Breezy Rodio, guitar and vocals; Jimmy Bradley, bass; Daniel C. Tabion, piano and organ; Lorenzo Francocci, drums; Josh Fulero, harmonica.

Just want to publicly thank the All-Star " Can't Stop the Blues " team for all that they did for so many folks like Breezy Rodio - musicians - singers - bands - world-wide during the unprecedented pandemic shutdown. Special thanks - with much love - for taking a crazy, old bluesman - without his pants - under their wings - Throughout the incredible run of the enormously popular " Can't Stop the Blues " program - on Facebook and on YouTube (check out the hundreds of hours of archived programming) - folks like Breezy Rodio and his bandmates were given a well - deserved spotlight that showcased their eye-opening talents. 'CSTB gave so many artists well-deserved, world-wide attention. Many thanks to everyone at the award-winning " Can't Stop the Blues”.

Many of us first met Breezy Rodio as part of a “Can't Stop the Blues" broadcast. Was "Breezy Rodio" a band? Was " Breezy Rodio " a person? Anticipation was extremely high and word-of-mouth sent viewers flying onto that evening's showcase. As things turned out Breezy Rodio turned out to be an exceptionally talented singer / guitarist with a multi-talented band. They were showcased many times on CSTB - whether performing in a breath-taking Italian villa or crammed inside of a crowded one-car garage. Everyone was thunderstruck by the band’s enormous energy, their high-spirited performances, Breeze’s jaw-dropping guitar skills, and how personable the band was on the live chat, talking throughout their show to listeners watching from around the world.

Breezy could certainly play the classics, the well-worn and well-traveled tunes that find their way onto productions world-wide. Certainly, Breezy would blow your mind with his extraordinary originality and impressive guitar chops. Covers are just not his thing - " without original music the blues will die.... I decided to take a bet and play mostly originals. I probably won't get rich or famous but at least I play me".

Originally from Rome, Breezy played behind Chicago bluesman Linsey Alexander for a decade, becoming Alexander's bandleader and right-hand man. Since kicking open the door, and moving out on his own in 2011, signing with Delmark in 2018, Breezy Rodio has released many critically acclaimed, fan-favorite albums showcasing his wide-ranging orbit of musical styles.

Anson Funderburgh was so impressed with Breezy's guitar approach - "He's got a unique style because he uses his thumb instead of a pick and he gets a good vibe unlike any other guitar player out there". - that Anson partnered with Breezy to produce " Underground Blues “. Recorded in Austin for Wind Chill records there are 14 original tracks that Anson has called " Chicago West Side Modern Blues".

Breezy is considered one of the " Next Gen " of blues performers - breaking down boundaries, crisscrossing borders, limitless musical expressions that defy being pigeon-holed or classified. `` Whatever is groovy, soulful and touchy is considered Blues....or almost. And I am totally ok with it". "Underground Blues “showcases an old soul giving the listener a fascinating, contemporary spin on " the Blues”. Jam packed with a wide variety of styles and sounds this stellar release shines a bright light on a talented singer and songwriter. However, the real treasure here is Breezy's creative guitar spins. "Underground Blues" is a stand-out release that is great fun.

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