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Blues & Brews with the Billy Hector Band

Billy Hector

The stage was set, the tables were out and the beer was flowing at the Montclair Brewery all in preparation for the Blues & Brews with the Billy Hector Band. The threat of rain and blistering heat was all put aside once Billy Hector, along with Tim Tindall and Dan Hickey, took the stage. As the show started, a steady cool breeze began, which the band rode the rest of the evening.

The first set was filled with Hector standards (Walking Blues, Come On Home, Howlin' For My Baby, Tore Up) and recent releases (Justice Is A Slow Train, Empathize) as well as covers that Billy just enjoys playing (Three Time Loser, It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry). All wrapped around one of the baddest low-down blues performances found in a first set ever!

The second set was a barn-burner as well with more Hector standards (Someday Baby, Fairlane Train) along with the blues and the true stories that make Billy Hector, well, Billy Hector. The standout that blew everybody away was the mid-set Whiskey. If you didn't get that low-down, lonesome feeling, then jack, you dead.

The crowd was vibrant, dancing, and enthusiastic, consisting of people both new to Billy Hector as well as longtime friends, fans, and devotees. They cheered when Billy and the band got down and dirty and roared when they went over the top!

The night ended with Billy's signature dance and party anthem: Old School Thang!

The evening did not disappoint! The Billy Hector Band gave us sunburn from the inside out!

Congratulations to John Hill, who won the raffle of two tickets to Tony O @ The Stanhope House on July 12th. Special shout-outs to Kirk Hansen and John Muller for the fabulous photos; Kathi Skyta for working the merch table; Steve T for writing this blog post; Montclair Brewery for hosting the event; and the blues community for coming out and showing your support!


If you see Billy Hector, try and make it to an outdoor show, there is nothing like it!

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