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Behind the Music: An Exclusive Interview with Greg Piccolo

Greg Piccolo

Who is Greg Piccolo and what is Heavy Juice? Find out in the exclusive interview conducted by North Jersey Blues Society's President, Cristy Benvenutti.

At age nineteen, Duke Robillard recruited Greg as one of the earliest members of what became the Rhode Island-based powerhouse, Roomful of Blues. As Roomful players would come and go, Greg’s twenty-five-year contribution evolved to lead singer and bandleader, all the while being noticed worldwide for his signature “fat” tenor sound, unique sax style, and distinguishable vocals.

After nearly twenty-five years with Roomful of Blues, Greg sensed a calling to go back to his roots and develop his “heavy juice” sound. This “less is more” approach gave him the freedom to cover the gamut of his musical longings, which include traditional jazz, r & b, and rock’n roll. In 1994 he stepped away and officially formed his own band, Heavy Juice. Now at seventy years of age, Greg Piccolo is still practicing his horn every day, writing his own material, and traveling the world with Heavy Juice. Piccolo is an example of someone who has always played from his heart.

Watch the interview below, and catch Greg Piccolo at The Stanhope House on June 15, 2024 - tickets 

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