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Eliza Neals - Badder To The Bone

If there was anything good about the unprecedented pandemic shutdown that brought the world to a standstill, and tossed the music business into a swirling pit of depression and uncertainty, there was the music. With the world shut in, most folks turned to the internet, to social media, finding live streams, discovering artists that were unknown before. on innumerable platforms that showcased limitless talents world-wide. " Can't Stop the Blues " was one of those ground-breaking platforms, showcasing live music, and a nightly chat, seven days a week. Bands from across the United States, and from around the world were given a spotlight, and much needed funds, that supported them through the dark times of the pandemic. Here I met Eliza Neals, a blues-rocker from both New Jersey and Detroit, who not only blew me away with her talents, but was/is a beautiful person - inside and out. We have become life-long friends.

"Hey Take Your Pants Off “, from Eliza's acclaimed, by fans and critics alike, “Black Crow Moan " release became the anthem for " Can't Stop the Blues “. Kid Andersen and John " Blues " Boyd even took “take your pants off " and used that as part of the CSTB nightly theme song. " Pantsless John “: became one of the characters on Can't Stop the Blues “, a nightly running gag that only fueled the mayhem and merriment that sent the chat into orbit night after night. Good times! Great friends! Timeless memories!

" Badder To the Bone " is Eliza's latest release, 9 new songs that Eliza wrote - or co-wrote- and one great cover of the Stevie Winwood classic " Can't Find My Way Home “. Eliza Neals - singer - songwriter - pianist - producer - arranger is back with another impressive release, tearing up the blues playbook, kicking some ass, and having one hell of a good time along the way. She raises our spirits, keeps our blood pumping, and delivers on her promise of "action-packed" and "so much fun" from start to finish

Eliza continues to impress as a bandleader , assembling some of the finest musicians around to add their unique talents to the sessions: Paul Randolph (Alice Cooper) bass ; Peter Keys ( Lynyrd Skynyrd) and John Galvin ( Molly Hatchet) , grand piano , Hammond B-3 and Wurlitzer; Jason Kott ( Robert Randolph) bass ; Co-Producer , guitarist , Michael Puwal (Kenny Wayne Shepherd) ; Skeeto Valdez ( King Konga) drums ; Jeffrey " Shakey " Fawlkes ( Too Slim ) drums ; Tim Grogan (Desert Rose Band ) drums ; Brian Klune , drums ; Detroit Hall of Fame guitarist Billy " JC" Davis ( Jimi Hendrix) ; Sizzling and Smokin' Texan Lance Lopez ( Supersonic Blues Machine) on guitar. Unbelievable roster of all-star talents! Let's not forget Kymberli Wright and her impressive back-up vocals on "Heathen”.

To pull out one track or another from this extraordinary release is really an injustice. Each track stands on its own as a master work.: "King Kong “, for example, is a guitar work masterpiece featuring phenomenal guitar work from Lance Lopez. " United We Stand " features some blistering slide over that trademark Bo Diddley beat; " Queen of the Nile " is nearly 7 minutes served up with some tasty Texan hot sauce guitar licks from Lance Lopez. " Heathen" features organ and piano performed by Eliza, a blues moaner that is filled with deep passion; " Can't Find My Way Home”, Stevie Winwood, is reworked and reinvented, the only cover on the release, it becomes an emotional powerhouse. Each distinctive track delivers with its own raw energy, a wide range of influences and styles that brings the blues into the 21st century.

Eliza studied with songwriter Barret Strong ("Heard It Through the Grapevine”; “: Papa Was a Rollin' Stone”; “I Wish It Would Rain " ;)"learning the Motown and soul thing and R and B. But I really grew up with my family and sisters doing the blues, Southern Rock, classic rock. And then I studied opera, too, if you can believe it. I went to music school and studied opera and piano and I'd been singing in all of the clubs in Detroit five nights a week while I was going to music school".

Eliza's live shows are exciting, intoxicating, and jam packed with sultry vocals, spirited music, and soulful piano playing, all while leading her stellar band, not missing a beat. Phil Ohlinger the president of the Ohio “Big Bend Blues Bash" who has booked Eliza has said, " In seventeen years we have had some great women vocalists perform but NOONE has outperformed Eliza. I think we have a new crowd favorite".

" Badder To the Bone " captures the band's intensity and contagious fun-loving nature. There is limitless creativity on display here. Eliza's voice can easily slide from hypnotic tenderness to chilling intensity. Her Olympic-style vocal gymnastics can change at the flinch of a note. Eliza will be writing amazing songs, and time-less music, for the rest of her life. " Badder To the Bone " is a fascinating listening experience, a lot of fun, and enjoyably contagious.

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