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Blues People - Troubled Times (Single)

Kelton Cooper - Vocals / Guitar

Victor Burks - Piano

Mike Griot - Bass / Organ / Rhodes

Gene Lake - Drums

So.....what exactly is " Neo Blues " ? Once again Mike Griot and this incredibly diverse band " Blues people " have released an outstanding single that deserves to be heard and passed from friend to friend , critic to critic , radio station to radio station . Once again.....what is " Neo Blues " ?

Neo Blues incorporates Rock , Rhythm and Blues , and soulful melodies from the past with the stories of many who still walk , sleep and live the blues . Every song is approached with honesty and conviction , mixed with the influences of modern music . There is a passion to the sound that is built on the smooth vocals and catchy melodies of 1960's soul and blues . music .

"Troubled Times " by " Blues People " evokes the classic sounds of 1960's soul music alongside up-tempo energetic blues with a strong social message. These bluesmen are tearing down the walls with a sound that demands attention . Kelton Cooper's guitar solos are soul stirring and attention-grabbing , and the entire band pours themselves into every note played with earnest exuberance .

Most definitely check out the band " Blues People " at a venue near you - They are an incredible live act !!

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