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The Lucky Losers - with Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkowitz - Standin' Pat

The Lucky Losers:

Cathy Lemons - Vocals

Phil Berkowitz - Vocals / Harmonica

Ian Lamson - Guitar (Lead 5, 10)

Chris Burns - Keys

Endre Tarczy - Bass

John Otis - Drums, Percussion

Special Guests:

Kid Andersen - Guitar (all tracks, leads, 1, 6) - Banjo (3) - Organ (5, 10)

Terry Hanck - Tenor Sax (lead, 11)

Mike Rinta - Trombone (1, 4, 5)

Michael Peloquin - Tenor Sax (1, 2, 4, 5)

Brian Catania - Trumpet (1, 4, 5)

John Blues Boyd - Voice at beginning of " Try New Orleans (4)

Standin' Pat - Play the hand as dealt - to refuse to turn aside from an opinion, to hold firm to one's decision or beliefs.

Had the good fortune of meeting Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkowitz, part of The Lucky Losers , showcased on the Can't Stop The Blues streaming events - Totally captivated by their music - Really enjoyed their unique approach to " the Blues " because of their originality - their honesty - and their independent attitudes - they make their own music - their own way - and don't rely on the popular , the status quo , or what is expected - I urge everyone to check out their Can't Stop The Blues appearances now on Facebook and YouTube - Many thanks for your continued friendship.....


Winners of five independent Blues Awards in 2021 including " Artist of the Year " (Cathy Lemons), " Song of the Year " "Goddess Land “, and Best Blues R n' B CD - The Lucky Losers are a San Francisco-based 5-piece band fronted by Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkowitz - a band who owes much of its throwback attitude to the 1960's - when it was not unusual to hear a mesmerizing mix of soul, blues, rock, gospel, and country all rolled into many recordings on one LP.

Cathy Lemons - "the finest light-skinned female blues vocalist in the U.S." (Real Blues - 2010), Dallas-born singer with a voice " velvet with a gritty edge”. Living Blues has hailed Phil Berkowitz, New Jersey native, as '" has earned renown as one of the West Coast's most distinctive harp players, as well as for his sharp, resonant tenor" (Living Blues - 2018). Cathy and Phil make up one of the most distinctive unions musically today, a wondrous singing duo, and a “Winning Hand " (2015 release) within the American songwriting traditions.

Cathy has had a hard life. She overcame a heroin addiction that almost killed her in her late 20's and 30's. Phil is her yin to her yang. He takes his time. He stays cool. Both of them feed off one another, complementing one another, a truly interesting musical union that is distinctively inventive and ear-catching.

In June of 2015, Cathy and Phil released “A Winning Hand “, a critically acclaimed debut that featured engineering and co-production by the legendary Kid Andersen, recorded at his infamous Greaseland Studio in California. Helping out of this impressive debut were Steve Freund, Grammy-winning guitarist; Kid Andersen; and Ben Rice, winner of the 2014 International Blues Challenge in the Solo/Duo category.

During work with Kid Anderson in February 2020 at Greaseland Studio they completed instrumental tracks for what would become their next release, “Godless Land “. Unfortunately for The Lucky Losers - the pandemic rained hell upon the country, and throughout the world. Clubs were closed, festivals were cancelled, touring came to a standstill. The band continued to work in the studio alone, with Kid Andersen, laying down the final vocals, their remarkable harmonies, with Kid supplying much of the instrumentation.

" Godless Land " was released on August 14, 2020 on the Vizztone label. "Godless Land " became a " Living Blues Top Albums 2020, critically acclaimed, chart-topping, and "one of the best contemporary blues albums of the year " (Richard Ludmerer - Making A Scene). For 45 weeks the album stayed on many music charts and nine original singles charted for 8 months.

So, what does a band do during the beginning of an unprecedented pandemic, with so many venues closing, the music industry grinding to a stone-walled standstill - RISK A TOUR in October, 2020!!! Cathy and Phil grabbed an all-star team of players and hit the road in a big cargo can - Jad Tariq of Memphis; Michael Carvale, Minneapolis; Aaron Fowler, Tampa, Florida - and traveled across the Midwest as Covid was spiking across 8 states!! Thankfully, no one became sick. If that wasn't enough to scare the crap out of some folks the band went back out on the road in December undeterred by the dreaded virus shadowing the entire nation. They performed for the Boise Blues Society at the Sapphire Room in Idaho, also traveled to Twin Falls, Idaho, and played to a packed house, finished up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, fighting rain, sleet, and snow, desperately trying to evade the deadly Covid virus that was undoubtedly following them. Once again, this band was " Standin' Pat “, defying the odds against them, raising a certain finger high in the eye of the encircling virus.

Blues Blast Magazine - " Cathy Lemons' strong and crystal voice and Phil Berkowitz's rich and mellow pipes blend together like a match made in heaven "

Bill Kopp - " When an exception comes along, it's all that more remarkable. They capture the fun and excitement of a bluesy band in a dimly lit bar. And at its core, that's what modern blues is all about. That Berkowitz is a skilled blues harpist only adds to the enjoyment”.

" Standin' Pat " is a first-rate release that will surprise you. Every track is distinctive and unique. This band wears creativity on their sleeve and defy all boundaries and expectations. The Lucky Losers are spinning a contemporary edge to pure vintage blues, soul, gospel, and American roots-rock. There are 11 original tacks here, beautifully engineered by Kid Anderson, at Greaseland Studios, a trip through the musical heartland, across our country, celebrating the independent spirit of creative showmanship. The broad range of styles presented on " Standin' Pat " is a showcase for a band not afraid to take chances, have fun, and invite the listener to party on with a rambunctious fervor. The Lucky Losers are back with another award-winning collection that just adds to their unrivaled legacy. I can't wait to see The Lucky Losers LIVE sometime soon!

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