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Lil' Red and The Rooster – Keep On!

Keep On is really a treat. There is a lot of ground covered on this album. From the socially conscious - "Back Of The Bus" - an homage to Rosa Parks with the driving "Yes We Can" front and center in the chorus, all peoples coming together to make change happen, with outstanding contributions from Pascal and Jean-Marc Labbe - "American Made" - mixing elements of hip hop, blues, gospel, and rhythm and blues into a striking commentary on the effects of slavery, racism, and the hopes for a better tomorrow, a brighter future - on to the Country Blues shuffle of "Keep on Lovin' You" featuring the match-made-in-heaven duet of Lil' Red and Blues-Hall of Famer Billy Branch, his always extraordinary harp work adding just the right touch - and onto instrumentals like the surf-rock rumble of "Shakin' Em Up.”

The 1927 classic by Blind Willie Johnson, "Nobody's Fault But Mine" is the only cover here, given new life with a more upbeat, more uplifting take, a rollicking beat and uplifting guitar and vocal lines, clearly showing signs of hopeful redemption along the paths of life's struggles.

Keep On is the perfect showcase for the ultimate combination of The Roosters head-turning guitar work and Jean-Marc Labbes amazing sax work. This perfect pairing gives the project a distinct flavor, and a uniquely original tone. The wonderful harmonies of " Lil' Red ' and The Rooster channel the blues singers of the 30's and 40's. Keep On is original, different and adventurous.

Hell, I love this CD. I am having one helluva good time with this music cranked way, way up in my car. They call this a "Retro Modern Blues Sound,” but for me - Keep On is a very hip trip well worth taking! Shakin' my tail feathers all over right now!

Check out the live feeds from Lil' Red and The Rooster - They are always a good time! Their high-energy and good-natured live feeds are the perfect companion to this uniquely original release.

Released: 2022

Producer: Lil' Red

Co-Producers: Pascal Fouquet and Blaise Barton

Vocal Producer: Jeff Morrow

Musicians: Jen " Lil' Red " Milligan - Vocals, Washboard, Rhythm Guitar / Kenny "Beedy Eyes " Smith - Drums / Jean-Marc :Labbe - Baritone Sax / Caroline Carson Rad - Vocals / Pascal " Rooster " Fouquet - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Gitjo / Felton Crews - Bass / Jeff Morrow - Vocals / Sara Castro and Marco Castro - Crowd Vocals - "American Made,” Special Guest - Billy Branch - Vocals and Harmonica - "Keep On Lovin' You”

Reviewed by John Muller.

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