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Blues People - The Skin I'm In (Single)

Blues People and " Neo - Blues " : Blues People is a NY / NJ band featuring Kelton Cooper on vocals and guitar ; Mike Griot on bass ; Victor Burks , vocals and keys ; and Gene Lake on drums . Inspired by Amri Baraka's ( LeRoi Jones) seminal study of Afro-American music " Blues People " musically explores the effects of the blues on American culture on many different levels....and that the bands " Neo Blues" is a modern chronicle of four real-life blues brothers living in THIS time America - and surviving the NY/NJ landscape .

So what exactly is " Neo Blues" ? "Neo Blues " is notable for its deeply personal lyrics , addressing such themes as the meaning of self , family , and community . " Neo Blues " combines the elements of contemporary rhythm and blues , 1970's style soul music , hip hop , rap , jazz , funk - and even classical music.

" The Skin I'm In - debut single from this new York / New Jersey all-star band " Blues People " is music without borders , without color , just shades of blue . This impressive debut single is already being compared to other artists but stands far alone from the pack . If you like funky , driving , rhythm and blues , with a contemporary message that is honest and direct , music that reflects our times and our attitudes , with hope for the future , " The Skin I'm In " is for you! This impressive debut is an exciting vision of even greater music to come .

Nothing typical about " Blues People " . These talented veterans have given us music that deeply connects with plenty of joy and love , a mix built on pure energy. "The Skin I'm In ' is compelling and totally original . Hoping for more music soon!!

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